[My Pure Boyfriend] Toshiaki Kanade Walkthrough

My Pure Boyfriend: Romance You Choose (Kiss Me Cherry) by Genius.Inc. GooglePlay. Happy Ending walkthrough for Toshiaki Kanade, the timid and rich musician.

There are two endings: Happy and Good. Ruby options aren’t a must to unlock the Happy end, but it does help and you get to read special scenes (some are really cuteee). Unlocking the Happy end unlocks the Good end too, which you can select to read after the Happy end. On the other hand, rubies are required to unlock the Happy end if you got the Good end.

The options with (✓)s are what I selected to get the Happy end and what seemed like the best choices for me after some replays.



Episode 1

Push on ahead
Ask nicely (✓)

Relax (✓)
Wait for him
Do I intimidate you that much?

Keep quiet intentionally
Ask about music (✓)
Ask an unrelated question

Compliment his violin skills (*18 rubies*)
Change subject

Offer a hand shake (✓)
Let’s do our best!
Fire myself up


Episode 2

Are you nervous? (✓)
Is your hard work at the academy paying off?
Don’t say anything and fill out the form

Write honestly (✓)
Write a safe reply
Write “girlfriend”

Grab his hand and stop for a second (*21 rubies*)
“Pull yourself together!”

Applaud him
Smile (✓)
Give a big wave

Bear with it (✓)
Talk back
Wait and see


Episode 3

Approach him in front of everyone
Tell him secretly
Call him outside (✓)

Did you see me?
Give a compliment (✓)
You should be more proud of yourself

Is it your trauma?
Women trouble?
Music related matters? (✓)

Don’t worry
You’re making me sound like a jerk
Have confidence (✓)

Pat him on the shoulder and encourage him (*23 rubies*)
Let’s work on it


Episode 4

Sophisticated look (✓)
Feminine look
Sexy look

Stay (✓)
It’ll just be a second
Look confident

I do
We have exercises
I have a date (✓)

Go into the subject right away
Talk for a bit
Tell him ‘I’m looking forward’ (✓)

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s date.” (*22 rubies*)
Advise him to ask beforehand.


Episode 5

Great timing (✓)
Good morning
Compliment his car

Talk about classical music. (✓)
Ask where we’re headed to.
Ask about today.

Take the offer
Thank you (✓)
I have to add points to that

Smile and offer a hand (*24 rubies*)
“Not bad.”

That’s not true (✓)
Criticize him

Episode 6

I’m really happy (✓)
It’s a famous restaurant
You didn’t have to privately reserve the entire restaurant

Meat (✓)

It looks really delicious (✓)
Be surprised
It looks expensive

Wipe it saying “Stay still” (*23 rubies*)
Don’t say anything

Clearly decline (✓)
Gently decline
Harshly decline


Episode 7

I wonder how much he spent?
The food was delicious
He did his best in escorting me (✓)

Send him a text
Call him
Tell him in person (✓)

Don’t apologize (*23 rubies*)
Is this really Toshiaki I’m speaking to?

Don’t touch me, I’m going to scream (✓)
I’m in a hurry
Stay silent

Make a loud scream (✓)
Don’t call for help
Call the police


Episode 8

I didn’t recognize you there for a second
A twin of Toshiaki?
Stare (✓)

Give him honest compliments. (✓)
Complain about it
Don’t say anything

You were like a prince… (*22 rubies*)
I’m glad

Can you say that one more time? (✓)
Are you serious?
Excuse me?

Be startled
Deny his feelings
Be shy (✓)


Episode 9

That’s so like him (✓)
You surprised me
Be careful from now on

Really think about it
Happily accept it (✓)
Be doubtful

I’m excited about today (✓)
What’s on today’s agenda?
I’m counting on you

The heart that doesn’t look like a character goods
The transparent music note (✓)
The clover shaped charm that has a character’s face on it

Did it bother you? (*23 rubies*)
There’s no meaning to it


Episode 10

Ponder about this feeling
Think about it later (✓)
I don’t want to know why

I enjoyed it (*25 rubies*)
You scared me so I forgot

Give him a tentative compliment
Don’t say anything
Give him a honest opinion (✓)

Thank you for inviting me
I have other plans
See you at school (✓)

Give him a cold shoulder
Pass on it (✓)
Refuse loudly


Episode 11

Respond politely
Respond casually (✓)
Respond rudely

Talk to him (✓)
Walk past him without a word

You’re my number one student (*27 rubies*)
It’s all thanks to my lectures

Is it about Toshiaki? (✓)
It’s you who summoned me
I’m fine

I’ll have to run (✓)
Nobody told me
You’re lying


Episode 12

Note: There’s no choice to be made in Episode 12, but highlight if you want spoiler/teaser on the endings. Do play till the end for CGs and sugary dialogue!

Happy Ending
Player goes for a meal with her colleague, who points out that player has feelings for Toshiaki. She goes home, only to find Toshiaki waiting for player, He gives her a white rose, which player accepts. Player was confused, thinking it was practice for the female pianist who asked Toshiaki out for dinner. Toshiaki was similarly confused, and explained that he turned her down. “Well, why would I go when I have you, Player?” He then proposes to player, telling her why he likes her.

Good Ending
Player goes for a meal with her colleague, who points out that player has feelings for Toshiaki. She goes home and finds an envelope in her mailbox. It was from Toshiaki. He felt that he didn’t become the gentleman player hoped he would be and so he didn’t confess in person. He thanks player in the letter and promises to be better when they meet next time. Player cries, regretting that she did not tell him her feelings. Player calls him but it goes to voice mail. She leaves a message telling him to hurry up. “Because there’s something I want to tell you too.”


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