[My Pure Boyfriend] Junichi Kusamoto Walkthrough

My Pure Boyfriend: Romance You Choose (Kiss Me Cherry) by Genius.Inc. GooglePlay. Happy Ending walkthrough for Junichi Kusamoto, handsome but uncommunicative GM of a publishing company.

There are two endings: Happy and Good. Ruby options aren’t a must to unlock the Happy end, but it does help and you get to read special(!) scenes. Unlocking the Happy end unlocks the Good end too, which you can select to read after the Happy end. On the other hand, rubies are required to unlock the Happy end if you got the Good end.

The options with (✓)s are what I selected to get the Happy end and what seemed like the best choices for me after some replays.



Episode 1

“Get a hold of yourself!”
“Don’t worry.” (✓)
“Are you happy the way you are right now?”

Offer a hand shake (✓)
Look at him and urge his response
Point at him and encourage

Provoke him
Accept jokingly
Talk and ignore (✓)

Comb his hair (*18 rubies*)
Fix his tie

Talk with him for a while
Make a sigh
Scold him (✓)


Episode 2

Criticize about yesterday
Don’t say anything
Apologize about yesterday (✓)

“You have a sibling right? Are you close with your older sister?” (✓)
Ask about his friends
“How are you doing with your classmates at the academy?”

You’re a good listener (✓)
You’re quiet
You look feeble towards women

Any experience dining with women? (*21 rubies*)
Just do your best.

Did they like the sushi?
What kind of conversation did you have with your staff? (✓)
Ask how many people went with him


Episode 3

Tap his shoulder (✓)
Run towards Junichi
Call him

“It’s already decided.”
“You don’t want to?” (✓)
“Shall we not do it?”

Intentionally step on his toes
Tell him about points being deducted (✓)

“I’m impressed at your considerate actions.” (✓)
“Was that unintentional?”

May I have a bite? (*22 rubies*)
Yours look good, too


Episode 4

She wanted to walk home with you under the same umbrella. (✓)
Why did you do that?

Surprised (✓)
Ask if she wasn’t his type
Scold him for wasting his opportunity

His pauses
Chivalric code (✓)

Be the straight man
Ask him (✓)

Any scene you’d like to reference on? (*23 rubies*)


Episode 5

Joke about it
Ask him (✓)
Wait for him

Something to drink
Hot snacks
Popcorn (✓)

Hand him a glass of water (✓)
Look at the menu
Talk about the movie

Do you have a germ phobia?
Look back at my actions (✓)
Be offended

Ask about the date (*22 rubies*)
“That’s what’s bad about you.”


Episode 6

No (✓)
Be amazed
Be fed up

Point it out
Endure it (✓)
Be disappointed

I’m a little scared since it’s been a while (✓)
Talk about my childhood
I’ll enjoy it

Keeping holding onto him (*24 rubies*)
Laugh about it

Let go
Pretend I cannot skate
Ask if we can stay like this (✓)


Episode 7

“Are you sure everything’s okay?” (✓)
“Let me guess – you’re sad because you felt old!”
“You are going to tell meeee…”

How did you know?
He’s my student (✓)
It doesn’t concern you

Analyze (✓)
Follow them

“It’s for finding out my student’s internal conditions.” (*22 rubies*)
“Don’t ask.”

“Are you flirting with me?”
“How do I look in short hair?” (✓)
“Nice day today.”


Episode 8

Liquor with milk
Hard liquor
Champagne (✓)

Get another bottle for Junichi too (✓)
You have a problem?
Let me be.

“Is she pretty?”
“Have you had several matchmakings in the past?” (✓)
“You said you didn’t sign up for it but, is she not your type or something?”

It’s the truth (*23 rubies*)
Shut it

“Listen! You nweed to make dwis mwatchmakin’ a succeswess and pwove me wong!” (✓)
“This wine is a bomb!”


Episode 9

Touch his body
Touch his face (✓)
Smell him

Shove the blanket onto him (✓)
Throw some clothes
Slap his head

Call him (✓)
Move around

Ask for the details (*22 rubies*)
I’ll be careful

Respond honestly
Ask how it tastes (✓)


Episode 10

Coffee was great (✓)
Which fabric softener do you use?
Nice weather

Look into his face (*24 rubies*)
“What’s wrong?”

“You’re motivated.” (✓)
“So she was your taste after all?”
“What are you going to do after you succeed?”

“Just kidding.”
“I do.” (✓)

You liked flowers? (✓)
You’re interested in flowers?
What’s wrong?


Episode 11

Pants style
My usual instructor outfit (✓)

Follow her
Worry about Junichi (✓)
Observe and wait

He’s come a long way (✓)
I’m glad it’s looking good
it’s all thanks to my lectures

Stop him
Smile at him (✓)
Scold him

Take Junichi’s hand (*26 rubies*)
“Don’ just stand there.”


Episode 12 

Note: There’s no choice to be made in Episode 12, but highlight if you want spoiler/teaser on the endings. Do play till the end for CGs and sugary dialogue!

Happy Ending
Player reserves a room and Junichi asks if her cheek is okay. Junichi kabedon’d player, pushing her for answers before confessing. He went for the matchmaking because he thought player would acknowledge him if he was successful. In the midst of player’s confusion, she realises that he’s running a fever. Turns out it was a teething fever due to fatigue, causing player to conclude that he’s a loser after all. Just as player is feeding him fruits, he pulls her into his arms. “I won’t let you go until you say you love me.”

Good Ending
Player reserves a room and Junichi asks if her cheek is okay. Junichi confesses, saying that he went for the matchmaking to impress player, though the principal took the limelight. Player didn’t answer him immediately and later talks to Principal Hashizuka on the phone. Hashizuka advises her that it’s okay to fall in love. Player sees Junichi a few days later, at school. Apparently he was so nervous about the confession that he got teething fever. Player tells him her feelings.


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