[Detective’s Choice] V2 Walkthrough

V2 Ranks
700+ – Cool cat, loved by the skirts
500+ – Good noggin, nice keister
300+ – On the level PI
100+ – Sucker sleuth
<100 – Daisy punk

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Volume 2: Jack Jericho and the Missing Indian by William Miller

Follow Patricia
Play undercover cop (cool +1)
Try the truth

Pick the lock on 613
Pick the lock next door
Knock and see what happens

Kick for the crotch (cool +1, life -2 later)

Of course. (cool +1, money +20)
Yes. I’ll need operating expenses.
Yes, but it’ll cost you.

Get a cab (5 money) (money -5)

Fork over five clams
Say you’re here on business
Find another way in

All business
The shy guy approach
Lady killer

High ball it (money +50)
Ask for a fair price
Play it safe (Low Self Esteem Achievement)

Use a choice line (Shot Down! Achievement)
Need number for the case




Try a bribe
Sucker punch him
Look for another entrance

Try a bribe
Sucker punch him
Jump across the roofs

‘Just dropping in’ (cool +1)
‘Here to see Coco’
‘Looking for a good time’

(rage +2)

Pay her
Trash the bartender
Push harder (cool +1)

Lure him into a trap
Ask him what he wants (cool +1)
Threaten him

Ask about kidnappings
Ask about Indians
Ask about midgets in trench coats

(life +1, rage +1)

Tell him off (rage -1)
Insist he start talking
Ask the girl out

Pick the lock (cool +1)
Kick it

Tell a joke
Pull the fire alarm (life -2, cool +2)
Bullet between the eyes

Gun him down (rage +1)
Run up stairs

(life +1)

Befriend him
Trick him (cool +1)
Threaten him (Choose this, then ‘Give him a foot massage’ for Seducer! Achievement)

Tell about the Indian
Make a joke
Ask about Abner Whitmore

(life +1)

‘Nice wheels.’
‘Can I look under the hood?’ (cool +1)

‘That’s why people hire me.’ (cool +1)
‘I won’t give up on you.’
‘Neither do your legs.’




Go for the car
Wrestle with him
Negotiate (cool +1)

‘Too man to count!’

Duck behind the column (cool +1)
Try to trip him
Try to disarm him

Try to trip him
Try to disarm him

Her heritage
Her love of discovery
Her sense of adventure (cool +1)

Flirt (cool +1)
Keep it business

Play it nice
Tough love
Go for the gun (life -2)

(life -1, rage +2)

Call the cops
Play it straight
Be a wise guy (cool +1)

Pull your gun
Talk to him
Slug him with the phone

(life +1)

‘She was my wife.’ (rage -1)
‘Ancient history.’
‘None of your business.’

Heidi did it
Doctor Clay did it (cool +3)
Bill did it
Abner did it

(life -1)

Put your backs together
Cut the ropes
Use the sand
Crawl for the door (life -1)

(life +1)

Focus on trees
Focus on boulders (cool +1)

Press random plates
Force the door
Calm Heidi (cool +2)



Shoot the snake
Stand very still

(life -1, cool +3)

Gun him down
Tackle the chief (life -2, cool +2)
Go for the doll

Go for the doll
Go for the gun (life -2)


Ends with life: 1, cool: 28, rage: 4, money: 110

Score: 910 (+100 if 0 deaths)
At Death’s door Achievement
Completed Detective’s Choice V2 Achievement
Highest rank for Detective’s Choice V2 Achievement

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3 thoughts on “[Detective’s Choice] V2 Walkthrough

  1. I really love your walkthroughs and how they include achievements. Is there any way you could do volume 3 and 4 as well please??


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