[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Chapter 1 Ranks
1100+ – Azizella, Crusher of Fools
900+ – Beautiful and Cunning Monster
600+ – Crafty Demon
400+ – Survivor of the Abyss
<400 – Sad Little Demon

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Chapter 1: Fiendishly Free

Make a joke
Ask why he does not smell like a dragon (morale +2)

“Are you here to frighten me, then?”
“What have you seen that is so terrible?” (Choose this, then ‘Of course!’ for Insatiable curiosity Achievement)
“You should write a book of beasts!” (morale +1, Inspiration for the Monster Manual! Achievement)
“My, what an important job you have!”

His mind is enslaved (morale +1)
He is baiting you to attack

Tell the truth (morale +1, Honest for a demon Achievement)
Lie (morale +2, Sneaky Achievement)
Dodge the question

(mana -1)

Get out of his way
Insult him
Block his path
Attempt to trip him (morale +2)

Insult the devil for his clumsiness
Go for the contract (life -2 morale +2 later)

Make him grovel and then give it to him (Choose this, then ‘Rip up the contract’ for Never trust a demon! Achievement)
Rip up the contract
Try to negotiate (morale +1)

Offer to take three vials
Hold out for four (morale +1)
Raise it to five (life -3, morale +1, Push your luck Achievement)

Make the deal (morale +3, mana +12, Windfall! Achievement)
Hold out for four

Count steps and look for patterns (morale -1, Pretty nerdy for a demon Achievement)
Move slower and more carefully (morale +1 later, morale +1 later)

“I have not seen them.”
“Yes, I saw them!”
“It would be wise for you to turn back.” (morale +1, A clever move! Achievement)




“Yes. Let us save your sister!” (I’m an adventurer, dammit! Achievement)
“You scout it out first.”
“No, I will stay here.” (morale +1)

Contemplate and plan (Choose this, then ‘Take his hand’ and continue for Sucka! Achievement)
Inspect your surroundings (morale +2)

Attack him from behind (morale +1, life -4 later, life -1 later, mana +3 morale +2 life +2 later)
Possess him (mana 3)
Charm him (mana 3)
Follow Diggory for now

Combat with a trick (morale +2, life -3 later, mana -2 later)
Attempt a charm spell (mana 3)
Attempt possession (mana 2)

Kill and crush Mhyranya (Revenge! Achievement)
Take a quick bath (mana +2, morale +1, mana -2 later)
Question Mhyranya

(mana -1)

“I think she better stay still.” (mana -1, Know your audience Achievement)
“Crush her.” (morale +1)
“Allow me to crush her.” (Worth a Shot… Achievement)
“Free her.”

Brute strength (Brute Strength Achievement, mana -2 morale +1 later)
Go for the halberd (Choose this, then ‘Go straight for Vogloth’ for Eye on the prize! Achievement)
Use fan of flame (mana 3) (mana -3, morale +2, Area of effect spell (AOE)! Achievement, life -1 later)

Aid Myhranya with the flies (life -1, morale +1, morale +1 later)
Take a quick dip in the vat (life +3, mana +2, morale +1, morale +1 later)
Escape (Wise retreat Achievement, morale +1)

Summon your slave (mana 5) (mana -5, morale +1)
Push past Mhyranya
Draw in close to her, but keep your distance

Go into the cave
Search a little (morale +1)

Gate in Jack (mana 5) (mana -5, morale +1, mana +6 life +4 later)
Talk to her

Go into the cave
Fly toward the acid storm (morale +1, life -1 later)

Ends with morale: 36, life: 10, mana: 16

Score: 1340 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Untouchable! Achievement (if you haven’t already gotten it in Prequel)
Completed Chapter 1 of Demon’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Chapter 1 of Demon’s Choice Achievement

Prequel  |  Table of Contents  |  Next Chapter

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