[Zombie Society Dead Detective] Walkthrough

Dead Detective is part of the Zombie Society series by Interactales. Kongregate. Newgrounds.

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Hat on Margh’s grave (+Hat)

To the right


By the Gate
– So, what’s the news?

– Select the hat in Margh’s suitcase (+2 Neuros)
– Give a Neuro from Margh’s suitcase to Old Knock (+Newspaper)
– Open the newspaper in Margh’s suitcase. Hover over the photos on the newspaper to read the news. A museum sponsored by Heleek Foundation is about to open.

Go to the left


Margh’s Office
Why did you come to me, instead of the police?
You don’t want to get the police involved, do you?
The police isn’t interested in your problem, am I correct? (✓)


Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
1. Mr. Mitsk has a walking stick. Why? As a zombie, he doesn’t really need it + Mr. Mitsk wasn’t able to tell how old Ol’Knock really is

2. I saw Mr. Mitsk give a generous tip to Ol’ Knock + Mr. Mitsk is willing to hire a private detective
Money is not a problem for Mr. Mitsk (✓)
Mr. Mitsk is desperate and willing to spend all his money

3. Mr. Mitsk claims the police won’t investigate his case. The sole explanation is…
The crime is of small importance to the police (✓)
The police already have their hands full and can’t help Mitsk

Mr. Mitsk wants me to find something that holds a great sentimental value to him


Margh’s Office
Open the right drawer of the glass cabinet (the one with books). (+Press Pass)

Leave the Office for Brain for Food and enter the restaurant.

Brain for Food
– What did the thief steal, exactly?
– Do you suspect anybody, even remotely? (+location)
– Are there any witnesses? (+evidence)

Go right to the Kitchen

– You were there when the robbery took place. What happened? (+evidence)
– Would you be able to recognize the thief?

Talk: Snjagr
Heleek, the Philanthrophist, offered a big sum of money for Mitsk’s ID card (+evidence, + evidence)

Fridge (+evidence) Note: Interact with the fridge again the close it
Strange Mark on the wall near the Fridge (+evidence)
Window above Strange Mark (+evidence)

Leave the kitchen


Brain for Food
Pick whichever
No way, I work alone …
Okay, fine

Talk: Mr. Mitsk
Snjagr, the cook, denies being present at the meeting between Mitsk and Heleek

Leave the restaurant. At the shop front, hover around the mid-leftmost of the screen until the cursor becomes a hand pointing up. Click to go around the restaurant



Behind Brain for Food
– Trash can nearer to the window (+evidence)
– Wall
– Manhole

Combine Clues
Considering the jump he made, the thief must be very agile + The thief was prepared and well equipped (+location)

Return to the shop front.
‘Easter Egg’: Return to the back of the restaurant again after the cut scene, you’ll see that the brain in the trash can is missing. Ghvnn truly is ravenous…


Outside Brain for Food
Talk: Mustachioed Guy
Snjagr loves working at Mitsk’s restaurant (+evidence)

Leave and head to Heleek’s Foundation


Outside Heleek’s Foundation
Use the Press Pass in Margh’s suitcase on the Guard.

… The shampoo she uses for her fabulous hair
… Her favourite kind of food
… The last car she bought
… The opening of her new museum (✓)
… Her initiative concerning charity for the graveless zombies
… Why she chose such a creepy logo


Heleek’s Foundation
Pick whichever
Of course we’re journalists!
I can see there’s no fooling you

Talk: Heleek
– Heleek, the Philanthrophist, offered a big sum of money for Mitsk’s ID card (+evidence)
– Snjagr, the cook, denies being present at the meeting between Mitsk and Heleek (+evidence)

Go to The Drinking Dead.


The Drinking Dead
Talk: Talking Dead
I need your help to identify a certain thief

None that I know of
Yes, he hit Ghvnn with a taser (✓)
Yes, I’m pretty sure he had a gun

He escaped through a manhole so as to leave no trace (✓)
He climbed a very tall wall
I don’t know how he escaped, but he left no trace

I don’t know anything else. Not for certain
He was probably very hungry because he robbed a restaurant
I know for sure he’s very agile (✓) (+Phone Number)

Go to Office



Use the telephone on the desk. Wait till Margh’s call is answered.

Are you the one who robbed the restaurant “Brain for Food”?
Hello, I’m a secret admirer
I have a little job for you. Zero risk, high reward (✓)

Return to The Drinking Dead


The Drinking Dead
DO NOT talk to Sewers Awk or let him see Margh. Wait for him to leave and follow him to the next map on the left.


Outside Sewers Awk’s House
– Trash can
– Give the Neuro in Margh’s suitcase to the man in the trash can.

Talk: Man in Trash Can
The robbery took place half an hour before midnight (+evidence)

Combine Clues
The robbery took place half an hour before midnight + According to Sewers Awk’s neighbour, the day of the theft he came back home shortly after midnight


Talk: Ghvnn
Hey, Ghvnn. Could you keep the thief occupied for a while?

Climb in Awk’s house through the window


Sewers Awk’s House
– Carpet to the right of the Armchair
– Use the gun in Margh’s suitcase on the Hatch.
– Use the gun on the red Rope holding the Gong.
– Use the gun on the Gong.

Talk: Ghvnn
Ghvnn, can you close the window?


Note: To combine or review clues and deductions, open the book in the dropdown box.

Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
1. Snjagr has the highest regard for Mr. Mitsk, as he saved him from poverty + Snjagr loves working at Mitsk’s restaurant

Snjagr is very attached to his job at the restaurant (✓)
A cook like Snjagr would have no problem in finding another job

2. Snjagr, the cook, denies being present at the meeting between Mitsk and Heleek + Both Mitsk and Heleek confirm Snjagr was present at their meeting
Snjagr was present at the meeting. He knows about Heleek’s offer (✓)
Snjagr didn’t care about the meeting and doesn’t even remember being there

3. Heleek, the Philanthrophist, offered a big sum of money for Mitsk’s ID card + Mitsk was probably going to accept Heleek’s offer
Heleek had no motive to steal Mr. Mitsk’s ID card (✓)
Heleek changed her mind and didn’t want to spend all that money

4. I found a pack of frozen brains at Awk’s home. It was very similar to the ones that were stolen from Mitsk’s restaurant
This is the proof that Awk stole some brains from the fridge
Anybody could buy a pack of frozen brains at the supermarket (✓)

5. Awk didn’t have any real use for Mr. Mitsk’s ID card, so what was his real motive? Why did he rob the restaurant?
Awk was hired by someone to commit the robbery (✓)
Awk was simply hungry. That’s why he robbed a restaurant

6. Ghvnn was guarding the restaurant when the theft occurred + Ghvnn is of ravenous appetite
Ghvnn couldn’t resist the temptation to eat the brains (✓)
Ghvnn didn’t eat the brains because the thief beat him to it

7. The big fridge in the restaurant’s kitchen has been emptied + The thief escaped from the window in the kitchen

Ghvnn ate the missing brains
Sewers Awk was hired by Snjagr, the cook


Mitsk didn’t want to involve the police — Correct
Mitsk was robbed of an item with sentimental value — Correct
Snjagr hired the thief to steal Mr. Mitsk’s ID card — Correct
Ghvnn ate the frozen brains — Correct
Final Score: 7/7

Table of Contents  |  Other Endings


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