[Wizard’s Choice] Volume 1 Walkthrough

Volume 1 Ranks
900+ – Loaded with Coin, Slayer of Evil
800+ – Wealthy and Cunning Adventure
700+ – Adventurer
600+ – Survivor with Nice Teeth
<600 – Wetter of the Trousers

V1 Choice Compendium  |  Table of Contents  |  V2 Walkthrough

Shout a warning to Reginold
Dive flat on your face
Hide (mana -2, morale +1)
Stop and listen

Cut the ears off (gold +10)
Just run
Hide in the forest
Garrison in the ruin walls
Climb a large tree

Let Reginold handle it!
Blind them! (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +1)
Blast them! (mana 4)

Shiny fire… must investigate
I said, ‘Go to castle!’ (morale +1)

Follow Reginold
Jump the Wall Spell (mana 1) (mana -1)
Turn and blast them! (mana 4)

Push rocks down on climber (Got medieval on ’em! Achievement)
Just fry the climber (2 mana)
Fry them all! (4 mana)

Enter the castle now
Prepare a wall defense
Blast them! (mana 4)
Run for the castle
Set the courtyard on fire (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +3, A clever move! Achievement)

Let’s go! (life -3)
Search the rooms and doors.

Blast it! (mana 4)
Use a charm spell (mana 3) (mana -3, morale +3)
Let goblins in and run (mana 1)
Run through another door

I’m outta here!
Investigate the sound
(morale +1)

Escort her out
Hide her and move on
Send her on her way
Chain her back up for now (morale +1, Joker! Achievement)
Hide her and move on
Escort her out
Send her on her way

Keep the lantern hooded
Un-hood the lantern

Run for the stairs
Protection from evil spell (2 mana)

Read another story
Attempt to excuse yourself (gold +50)
Run for the stairs

Stats at this point
Life: 9, Mana: 4, Gold: 60, Morale: 11




Attack with spells (mana 2)
Attack without spells
Cast charm spells on him
Spy for a bit

Break the chest
Search around a bit (gold +40)

Search the chest for traps
Use the key now (gold +80)

Hide back in room
Prepare a fire spell (mana 2)
Cast an illusion (mana 2)
A horde of goblins (mana -2, gold +60)
A dragon

Open the door (I’m an adventurer, dammit! Achievement)

Take what you can and run (gold +100)
No time! Run!

Try to close it
No time, just run!

Attack with your dagger (life -6, morale +5)
Blast them! (mana 4)
Charm the ogre (mana 3)
Run away!

Search the bodies (gold +110)
Find Cibah first
Flee the castle!

Offer to share a blanket
Offer her your blanket (morale +1, life +4, mana +4)
Shrug and go to sleep

Stats at this point
Life: 7, Mana: 6, Gold: 450, Morale: 17




Ambush them
Follow them

Use fire and steel (mana 4)
Turn invisible (mana 4)
Use Cibah as bait

Blast them with flames (mana 4)
Firebolt one of them (mana 2)
Use dagger (life -2, morale +1)
Cast illusion (mana 2)
Turn invisible (mana 4) (mana -4, morale +1)
Drag Cibah up the hill
Lure more into ambush

Use an illusion (mana 2) (mana -2)
Cut the unicorn loose

Girl ghost from the castle tower
Demon from the altar room (morale +6)

Flee with her
Demand her surrender
Attack her (morale +1)
Charm her (mana 3)

Ends with morale: 26, gold: 450, life: 5, mana: 0

Score: 1230 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Crushed it! Achievement
Untouchable! Achievement

Completed Volume 1 of Wizard’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Volume 1 of Wizard’s Choice Achievement

V1 Choice Compendium  |  Table of Contents  |  V2 Walkthrough


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