[Pirates Never Die] Walkthrough

750+ – Duchess of the High Seas!
600+ – Captain Deadly Dukes!
400+ – Feared Pirate
200+ – Pirate Scum
< 200 – Wetter of the breeches

Table of Contents

Volume 1: The Alchemy Engine

Chase Nostromo (moxie +2)
Let her go
Ask first mate

Stand and fight (moxie +2)

Continue with cannon
Move in for hand-to-hand combat (moxie +2)

Save him (moxie +2, life -3, gold -70)
No way

Tell the truth
Tell a lie
Raise their spirits (moxie +2)

Plead not guilty
Plead guilty
Explain the stallion (moxie +1)

Fight (moxie +1, life -1)
Act the coward

Get up (moxie +1, life -2)
Stay down

Kick him (moxie +1, life -1)
Ignore him

Steal as you listen (gold +15, moxie +1)
Just listen

Refuse (moxie +1)

Lie about turning a new leaf
Tell the tale of the lost love (moxie +1)
Tell the truth

Threaten him
Pull your arm away
Teach him a lesson (moxie +1)

Climb the net
Climb the anchor
Go through gun port (moxie +2)

Hide in the hold
Use Rowen’s pistol
Use Rowen’s saber
Trip him (moxie +1)

Run through the fire (life -2)
Cut through hull (life -100)
Use cannon (moxie +1, life -4)

Convince him to help
Seduce the jailor (moxie +3)
Take Rowen hostage

Shoot him
Threaten him
Throw you pistol at him (moxie +2, life -4)

Tell him of your suspicions
Tease him (moxie +2)

(life +3)




Use the back door
Hide in the room
Escape out the window

Use the rooftops (moxie +2)
Jump down

Jump onto the porch
Jump onto the coach (moxie +4, life -2)

(life +2)

Dance and sing
Pick a fight (moxie +3, life -1)
Tell dirty jokes

Cheat at cards (gold +27, moxie +2)
Pick pockets (gold +42, moxie +2)
Investment scam

Dump it overboard
Stash it in a sea chest
Stash it with Rowen (moxie +2)

Convince him
Blackmail him
Try to seduce him (moxie +2)

(life +3)

Stab him in the back
Challenge to a duel
Use your disguise (moxie +3)

Kill Jack
Lower your sword

Buy a round (gold 2) (gold -2)
Sweet talk him

Apologize and win her friendship
Promise her a share

Take the servants’ quarters
Take the room (gold 3) (life +5, gold -3)

Ask him (moxie +2)
Imagine Georgette
Harden your heart

Fight them (moxie +4)
Escape through shop
Recruit them

Fight the wounded men
Fight the men behind you (life -4, moxie +3)

Go for the kill
Wound him (life -1, moxie +2)

Kill him
Let him go
Teach him a lesson (moxie +2)

(life +4)

Pay for rooms (5 gold)
Convince innkeeper (moxie +1)
Offer to work




Make a dash
Knock out servant (life -1, moxie +1)
Find hiding place

Box him
Find a weapon
Trick him (moxie +3, life -2)

Hand over the map
Claim ignorance (moxie +1)
Dodge and run

Pry loose boards
Dig under the wall (moxie +2)
Force hole in roof

Both of you ambush them
Rowen distracts them
You distract them
Topple cane stack (moxie +3, life -1)

Turn back
Run for open waters (moxie +2)
Parley with Jack

Turn into the crash
Use the long boats (moxie +3)
Drop the anchors

Let her go

Douse the lights (moxie +2)
Lighten the load
Do both

(life +1)

Go straight through (moxie +3)
Go around

Jump clear
Push Rowen
Try to deflect (moxie +2)

Take hostages (moxie +2)
Follow them
Kill ’em all

Convince Jack (moxie +2)
Threaten Jack
Dodge and fight

Sink the weapons
Disarm her (moxie +1)
Kill her

Warn no one
Warn Rowen (moxie +3)
Warn the group

Push Josephine
Push Jack
Push pirates (moxie +3)

Fight Jack
Appeal to Jo
Use your ship as leverage (moxie +4, life -3)

Put out his eye (moxie +3)
Kick his crotch
Punch his mouth

Let Rowen do it
You do it (moxie +3)

(life -2)

Kiss him (moxie +3)
Don’t bother

Ends with Moxie: 106, Gold: 52, Moxie: 106

Score: 1060 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Completed Pirates Never Die V1
Highest rank for Pirates Never Die V1

Table of Contents


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