[In Search of Haru] Character Profiles & Bonus

Under Collections > select a Students’ portrait. Expect spoilers in this post.

Character profiles are unlocked as Konatsu chats with characters (when you tap them on the screen). The 3 Harus appear more rarely than other students so this may need some patience. The bonus is unlocked after chatting with each Haru 10x.

Choice Breakdown Guide


No. 01
Female student ☆
A female student in the same grade as me.


No. 02
Male student ☆
A male student in the same grade as me.


No. 03
Stray cat ☆☆☆
A stray cat lost on campus.
The students seem to love her.


No. 04
Takaharu Kiryu ☆☆☆☆☆
Takaharu sits next to me and has the same school shift as me. He can be a bit cocky, but he seems like a nice guy…


P.S. Issun-bōshi is from a Japanese folklore, you can read more here.


No. 05
Haruka Fujisaki ☆☆☆☆☆
Haruka is the class president. He’s outgoing and has many friends. and he’s nice to me as the new student.



No. 06
Haruto Yanagi ☆☆☆☆☆
Haruto works in the library. He’s the quiet type, so I thought he was intimidating, but maybe he’s just reserved.



P.S. As a side note, you can read witty commentaries from the characters under Collections > Stills > select a still > Commentary. Like the one below. Hope this gives you extra motivation you to play through the different endings and get every still!


Choice Breakdown Guide


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