[Romantic Diary] Zodiac Sets

Zodiac sets are sold in Timed Event > 12 Zodiac Signs > Redeem. Currency used for redemption is Star Shards. They’re 15% off in their respective months. All items in Zodiac sets are 5*.

This guide is to aid those who wish to aim for certain sets because each set has different costs and attributes/types. Included images of sets I’ve gotten so you can see the coloured version instead of the monotone preview in the game.

Will update as I obtain more sets. Will update cost after 15% as the months go by.

My Invitation Code: 141076755

Table of Contents

Clear Brook Aquarius

Snow falls down in a cold night. Girls’ eyes look flowing water and breezes.

Cost of full set: 800 Star Shards / 677 after 15%


Dreamlike, Gorgeous, Ladylike, Noble [8 items]
Make-up: White Sphere
Hairstyle: Clear Brook Wind
Dress: Clear Brook Snowy Night
Coat: –
Shoe: Clear Brook Ice Glass
Bag: Clear Brook Star Tide
Headwear: –
Earring: –
Necklace: Clear Brook Flower
Face: –
Bracelet: Clear Brook Moon
Others: Clear Brook Aurora


Sea Secret Pisces

The waves are just like girls who risk their lives for love.

Cost of full set: 800 Star Shards / 678 after 15%


[8 items]
Make-up: Shark Tear
Hairstyle: Sea Secret Billow
Dress: Sea Secret Tail
Coat: –
Shoe: Sea Secret Cleanness
Bag: –
Headwear: Sea Secret Blue
Earring: Sea Secret Wave Whisper
Necklace: Sea Secret Ripple
Face: –moshimushi.wordpress.com
Bracelet: Sea Secret Water
Others: –


Star Snow Aries

Your light is twinkling in the early spring sky. Crystal and brave souls are hidden in the night sky.

Cost of full set: 794 Star Shards / x after 15%


Gorgeous, Dreamlike, Ladylike, Noble [8 items]
Make-up: Amethyst Star
Hairstyle: Star Snow Rose
Dress: Star Snow Blue
Coat: Star Snow Mink Cashmere
Shoe: Star Snow Coloured Glaze
Bag: –
Headwear: Star Snow Flower Rain
Earring: –
Necklace: Star Snow Gem
Face: –
Bracelet: Star Snow White Hand
Others: –


_Sun Gilt Taurus

You wake up from the blessing of the universe and experience the best season in a year. Bury a seed for the future brilliance and wait to experience a trial from the sky.

Cost of full set: 790 Star Shards / 669 after 15%

[8 items]
Make-up: Green Spring
Hairstyle: Sun Gift Sea
Dress: Sun Gift Dress
Coat: –moshimushi.wordpress.com
Shoe: Sun Gift Gleam
Bag: –
Headwear: Sun Gift Crown
Earring: Sun Gift Charm
Necklace: Sun Gift Grace
Face: –
Bracelet: Sun Gift Bracelet
Others: –


Breeze Gemini

You are as changeable as wind and as charming as flowers. You are unique. Anything about you is attractive.

Cost of full set: 795 Star Shards / 673 after 15%


Pretty, Dreamlike, Ladylike, Noble [8 items]
Make-up: Gleaming Moon
Hairstyle: Breeze Light
Dress: Breeze Flower
Coat: –
Shoe: Breeze Ripple
Bag: –
Headwear: Breeze Clusters
Earring: –
Necklace: Breeze Gather
Face: Breeze Grief
Bracelet: Breeze Oblivion
Others: –moshimushi.wordpress.com


_Clear Moon Cancer

The silver moon hangs on the clear sky in early summon looks pure.

Cost of full set: 785 Star Shards / 665 after 15%

[6 items]
Make-up: Blue Sea
Hairstyle: Clear Moon Ripple
Dress: Clear Moon Moon Sight
Coat: –
Shoe: Clear Moon Star Trample
Bag: –
Headwear: Clear Moon Bead Lotus
Earring: –
Necklace: Clear Moon Star
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Others: –


Blazing Light Leo

The blazing sun unleashes you passion and brings you a fearless heart to let your dignity inviolable in this land.

Cost of full set: 805 Star Shards / 679 after 15%


Attributes as shown below [9 items]
Make-up: Chilly Beauty
Hairstyle: Blazing Light Whirl [Mature, Vintage, Noble, Charming]
Dress: Blazing Light Feather [Vintage, Gorgeous, Noble, Fantasy]
Coat: Blazing Light Cape [Solemn, Vintage, Fantasy, Charming]
Shoe: Blazing Light Bind [Gorgeous, Sexy, Noble, Charming]
Bag: Blazing Light Power [Dreamlike, Solemn, Noble, Fantasy]
Headwear: Blazing Light Crown [Gorgeous, Mature, Ladylike, Noble]
Earring: Blazing Light Sun [Sexy, Solemn, Noble, Charming]
Necklace: Blazing Light Sunny Exposure [Dreamlike, Vintage, Charming, Fantasy]
Face: –
Bracelet: –moshimushi.wordpress.com
Others: –


Hibiscus Virgo

Virgo is like a flowering tree. Each blooming hibiscus expresses its expectation toward perfect fairy tales.

Cost of full set: 805 Star Shards / 680 after 15%


Mature, Gentle&Quiet, Elegant, Charming [7 items]
Make-up: Sky Love
Hairstyle: Hibiscus Dew
Dress: Hibiscus Fragrance
Coat: –
Shoe: Hibiscus Flower
Bag: –moshimushi.wordpress.com
Headwear: Hibiscus Sheer
Earring: Hibiscus Aroma
Necklace: Hibiscus Sakura
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Others: –


Refined Choice Libra

Who is disturbed by peaceful autumn wind? Why don’t we just stay together quietly?

Cost of full set: 795 Star Shards / 673 after 15%


[7 items]
Make-up: Blue Stare
Hairstyle: Refined Choice Gentleness [Pure, Pretty, Ladylike, Fresh]
Dress: Refined Choice Warm Wind [Gorgeous, Pure, Ladylike, Fresh]
Coat: Refined Choice Flower [Solemn, Dreamlike, Elegant, Chinoiserie]
Shoe: Refined Choice Grace [Gentle&Quiet, Gorgeous, Noble, Elegant]
Bag: Refined Choice Weigh [Mature, Lively, Art, Intellectual]
Headwear: Refined Choice Desire [Pretty, Pure, Ladylike, Fresh]
Necklace: –
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Others: –


Capricorn Girl Scorpio

The world doesn’t need lights like dark caves. The persistent Capricorn pushes aside thorns and vines to keep hope inside.

Cost of full set: 800 Star Shards / 678 after 15%


Sexy, Dreamlike, Elegant, Charming [8 items]
Make-up: Capricorn
Hairstyle: Capricorn Girl Dawn
Dress: Capricorn Girl Gloom
Coat: –moshimushi.wordpress.com
Shoe: Capricorn Girl Desert
Bag: Capricorn Girl Mystery
Headwear: Capricorn Girl Crime
Earring: Capricorn Girl Dim Light
Necklace: Capricorn Girl Darkness
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Others: –



Mithril Light Sagittarius

Sagittarius is optimistic and confident. They explore and expand the city of desire with passion.

Cost of full set: 860 Star Shards / 728 after 15%


Dreamlike, Pure, Fantasy, Fresh [9 items]
Make-up: Bow Feather
Hairstyle: Mithril Light Tenacity
Dress: Mithril Light Honesty
Coat: –
Shoe: Mithril Light Benevolence
Bag: Mithril Light Dignity
Headwear: Mithril Light Generosity
Earring: Mithril Light Friendship
Necklace: Mithril Light Freedom
Face: –
Bracelet: Mithril Light Ideal
Others: –


_Purple Tulip Capricorn

Capricorn is mystical and persistent. The luxury purple flickers like golden lamps.

Cost of full set: 800 Star Shards / x after 15%

[8 items]
Make-up: Purple Illusion
Hairstyle: Purple Tulip Bud
Dress: Purple Tulip Vine
Coat: –
Shoe: Purple Tulip Pistil
Bag: –moshimushi.wordpress.com
Headwear: Purple Tulip Fragrance
Earring: Purple Tulip Silver
Necklace: Purple Tulip Bouquet
Face: –
Bracelet: Purple Tulip Moon
Others: –

Table of Contents


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