[Naruto Online] Mission Dealer Location Guide

Where to find the Mission Dealer if you have trouble locating him for the Missions General Mobilization time-limited event. Table of Contents. First, refer to your world map to see where he is situated at the moment because his location changes with time.


At the green arrow.

Canyon of River Country

Canyon of River Country

Crow Forestmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Crow Forest.pngCrow Forest.png

Deep in the Forest of Death

Deep in the Forest of Death.png

Deep in the Konoha Forest

Deep in the Konoha Forest.png

Desert of Hot Sand

DM - Desert of Hot Sand2MD - Desert of Hot SandDesert of Hot Sand 3.png

East Konoha

MD - East Konoha.png

Five Seal Result (Five-Seal Barrier)

MD - Five Seal Result2MD - Five Seal Result

Final Valley (Lower)

Final Valley (lower).pngFinal Valley (lower).png

Forest of Death

Forest of Death.png

Grassy Coastmoshimushi.wordpress.com

MD - Grassy Coast.pngGrassy Coast.png

Konoha Forest

Konoha Forest.pngKonoha Forest 2.png

Land of Fire Forest

Land of Fire Forest

Land of Waves

Land of WavesLand of Waves

Land of Wind Desert

DM - Land of Wind Desert.pngLand of Wind Desert.png

Mount Myoboku Entrance

Mount Myoboku Rear Hill

North Konoha (Konoha North)

North Konoha (Konoha North).png


Outside Orochimaru’s Base

DM - Outside Orochimaru's BaseDM - Orochimaru's Base2

Tanzaku Town

Tanzaku Town.png

Tenchi Bridge

Tenchi BridgeMD - Tenchi Bridge

Village Hidden in the Rain

DM - Hidden RainMD - Rain Village

Village Hidden in the Sand

Village Hidden in the SandMD - HIdden Sand


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