[ZS Dead Detective] A cat’s chance in hell – Other Ending

Interpreting the deductions differently allows you to draw different conclusions. A different conclusion may give a SLIGHTLY different ending. Deductions that don’t affect a particular conclusion are removed. You can load your autosave/save file instead of playing all over again.

Table of Contents  |  Full Score Ending

The Cat disguised herself as Detective Cough

4. (existing deduction)
The Cat must be disguised as one of the women we’ve met
The Cat’s a master of disguise. She could dress up as a man, too (✓)

5. Detective Cough’s been away from the city for a long time + Detective Cough’s skills have become quite rusty in recent years
It’d be stupid for the Cat to disguise herself as someone I know so well
I must admit this is a suspicious circumstance (✓)

Note: You get a cutscene where Margh speaks with the officers and Cough in the police station, then another whereby Cough brings the Cat to Zombino. You get the same cutscenes whether you interpret that Cat disguised herself as Cough, Bratatat or Yuuch. However, if you interpreted that Cat disguised herself as the Captain but chose to not let her go, you get the Zombino cutscene but not the police station one.

Table of Contents  |  Full Score Ending


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