[ZS Dead Detective] Brain Drain Walkthrough

Brain Drain is part of the Zombie Society Dead Detective series by Interactales. Kongregate. Newgrounds.

Table of Contents  |  Other Ending

Lurr’s Farm
Enter the building and go left to the next map (+evidence)

Talk: Acka
– You said nobody would eat his brain… but why?
– Is there anyone you suspect? Somebody that could profit from his disappearance? (+evidence)
– Are you the owner of the farm?

1. Go down the stairs (+evidence)
2. Get the magazine above a stack of boxes, to the left of Acka (+item)

Talk: Lurr
– Zombino is the owner of a brain farm and Lurr’s rival (+evidence)

Move & Interact
1. Return up the stairs then to the north into the map with an open cell.
2. Interact with the cell (+evidence). Margh will enter the cell with Acka.
3. In the cell, interact with the clothes, messy bed and pizza (+evidence, +location, +evidence). Note that Acka comments it’s not like One-Eye to leave his bed messy.
4. Leave the farm for Zombino’s Mansion. You can do so by opening the map through the dropdown box at the top of the game screen.


Zombino’s Mansion
1. Interact with the guards. They won’t let Margh through but one of them is hungry.
2. Open Margh’s inventory through the dropdown box at the top of the game screen and use the magazine. Margh manages to bypass the guards.

Choose (+evidence)
– In all honesty, yes
– No, I don’t think you did it.
– I can’t say yet. That’s why I’m here.

Margh leaves Zombino’s room after the dialogue. Talk to the guards until one of them shoots the bone down. Get the bone (+item)


Marrrh’s Pizza Place
Interact with the pizza (+item)


Lurr’s Farm
1. Enter the building and give the bone in Margh’s inventory to the dog (+item)
2. Go to the map with One-Eye’s open cell, then go right to the next map.
3. Interact with the moving human (brain) in the cell (+evidence)
4. Enter the open cell beside the moving brain’s cell. Use the cheese in Margh’s inventory on the mouse hole to the left (+item)


Guff’s House
What’s that you’re drinking?

– Trash (+item, +evidence)
– Show Guff the leg in Margh’s inventory (+evidence)


Marrrh’s Pizza Place
– Put the mouse in Margh’s inventory on the pizza

Talk: Marrrh
I’m afraid there’s a mouse on your pizza (+evidence)


Note: To combine or review clues and deductions, open the book in the dropdown box.

Combine Clues
One-Eye is crazy about a kind of pizza, called “Margherita” + Marrrh recently sent a pizza “Margherita” to some place which isn’t a brain farm

Confirm Conclusion
One-Eye might be in the building written in Marrrh’s orders list (+location)


Use the gun in Margh’s inventory to open the door.

– … Deal. Tell me what you know.
– No deal. You should go back to jail.

Note that Ghvnn, who has an appetite alike Guff’s, isn’t attracted to One-Eye’s brain.


Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
2. The prize for the “Tastiest Brain of the Year” will be awarded soon + Lurr should already have extracted the nerd’s brain
Lurr’s attitude is weird, there must be some other reason (✓)
Just like Acka says, Lurr might want to wait for the very last minute before extracting the nerd’s brain

3. Acka seems to be very fond of One-Eye + Lurr says One-Eye is his biggest failure
Lurr is lying and he cares about One-Eye, too (✓)
One-Eye is of no value whatsoever to Lurr

Note: You can interpret deductions 4 and 5 however you want.

4. Lurr fired Guff because he used to secretly eat brains on the job + Guff’s hunger can even rival that of Ghvnn
Guff might have kidnapped One-Eye, thinking that he could eat him
One-Eye is totally non-edible, not even Guff would want him

5. One-Eye’s cell is always open and he can leave whenever he wants + I’ve found enough clues that show One-Eye left his cell in a hurry
It’s clear One-Eye has been kidnapped (✓)
He could have left his cell like that on purpose

6. Guff kept a list with Lurr’s working hours + Acka’s dog was chewing on Guff’s leg
Guff’s plan to steal some brains didn’t work, so he gave up
Guff’s insatiable hunger wouldn’t let him give up

7. Zombino has a bad reputation. Some people say he’s a criminal. + Zombino is the owner of a brain farm and Lurr’s rival
Zombino would never risk to harm his own reputation
Zombino would have an interest in sabotaging his longtime rival (✓)

Confirm Conclusion
Zombino kidnapped One-Eye as an hostage


Clues Found 14/14
Zombino hired Awk to kidnapp One-Eye — Correct
Final Score 24/24

Table of Contents  |  Other Ending


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