[ZS Dead Detective] Brain Drain – Other Ending

Interpreting the deductions differently allows you to draw different conclusions. A different conclusion may give a SLIGHTLY different ending. Deductions that don’t affect a particular conclusion are removed. You can load your autosave/save file instead of playing all over again.

Table of Contents  |  Full Score Ending

Guff hired Awk to kidnap One-Eye

2. The prize for the “Tastiest Brain of the Year” will be awarded soon + Lurr should already have extracted the nerd’s brain
Lurr’s attitude is weird, there must be some other reason
Just like Acka says, Lurr might want to wait for the very last minute before extracting the nerd’s brain (✓)

3. Acka seems to be very fond of One-Eye + Lurr says One-Eye is his biggest failure
Lurr is lying and he cares about One-Eye, too
One-Eye is of no value whatsoever to Lurr (✓)

4. Lurr fired Guff because he used to secretly eat brains on the job + Guff’s hunger can even rival that of Ghvnn
Guff might have kidnapped One-Eye, thinking that he could eat him (✓)
One-Eye is totally non-edible, not even Guff would want him

6. Guff kept a list with Lurr’s working hours + Acka’s dog was chewing on Guff’s leg
Guff’s plan to steal some brains didn’t work, so he gave up
Guff’s insatiable hunger wouldn’t let him give up (✓)

Table of Contents  |  Full Score Ending


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