[Medieval Cop – The Invidia Game – Part 2] Guide

The Invidia Game – Part 2 is part of the 4th instalment of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). Kongregate. This walkthrough includes answers to questions.

Table of Contents

– Rightia’s Room –

If you interact with the wooden door to the right. Dregg will lock Polly in. Leave through the wooden door to the left.

– Passageway –

1. Go right. It’s optional but you may want to speak to Ada, Orrell and Helene whom Dregg will pass by. This is also optional but after speaking to Helene, you can view the stone board she was looking at. This board shows the scores of the 1st day of competition: Rightia-Harmony 3-0, Enio-Ferros 2-1 and Scion-Balboa 3-0.
2. Go up the stairs to the next map.


– Arena –
– Round 1: Medieval Combat with Puzzles –

1. After Swagbeard’s explanation, go 3 steps down. Let’s call this position A. Push the boulder on the left twice. Go pass it and flip the switch. A gate will open.
2. Go through the newly unblocked path to the treasure chest. Felicia will face her 1st battle. Just like in Part 1 of the Invidia Games, try to end with as high HP as possible. You could try leaving 1 enemy alive so you can use Potion or Guard. The expressions of dying/heavily injured enemies will changed to a close-eyed one.
3. After the battle, open the treasure chest, to get the Door 1 Key. Go back to position A and open the gate (Door 1) below it.
4. Go down, then to the left. Push the boulder all the way left. Felicia should face her 2nd battle. After that, step onto the leftmost arrowed plate, which will send Felicia up. Step onto the arrowed plate above Felicia’s new position, which will send her upwards, next to a switch. Flip it. Two gates will open.
5. Go through the newly unblocked path to the right of the switch, then back to position A. Go down, then right. Felicia should face her 3rd battle here. Head up towards the treasure chest. Felicia should face her 4th battle. After which, open the chest for Door 2 Key. Go south and open Door 2.
6. Follow the path down then left. Felicia should face her 5th and 6th battle. You don’t have to end with a high HP on the 6th battle because Felicia’s HP will reset for the final battle with Erden. After the battles, push the boulder so you can access and open the treasure chest. Unlock the final door to the left with the Final Door Key.
7. Speak to and fight Erden. After losing the battle, there will be a cutscene where you find out why Felicia couldn’t fight at full strength.


– Library –

1. Go right then down to the position Dregg is standing in the image below. Wait till the guard is at the position in the image below. Press V to turn invisible. Follow Route 1 in the image below.


2. Go left till you see 2 stationary guards. Go to the tile directly between them and press V. While invisible, go left. Then go down. You should see 1 stationary guard.
3. Stand on the tile between 2 bookshelves that are above the 1 stationary guard. Press V and go right, then up.
4. In this section, you need to go pass a moving guard. Stand at the tile between 2 bookshelves. Wait till the guard goes towards the right. Press V and follow Route 4 in the image above. Make sure you avoid being on any tile adjacent to the guard at all times.
5. Go to the tile below the crate. Press V and go pass the stationary guard to the stairs.
6. Stand behind Garey and interact with him to sneak attack him.


– Arena –
– Round 3: Guess the Number –

Clue #1 – The number is a single digit.
Clue #2 – The number can be counted on one hand.
Clue #3 – Multiplying the number with itself produces the same result as adding the number to itself.
Clue #4 – Polly is currently experiencing a problem relating to this number thanks to the handiwork of these guys.
Clue #5 – It is the smallest even number.

What is the number that Helene has written?
2 (✓)

Clue #1 – The number is greater than 0 but less than 1000.
Clue #2 – Adding all the numbers in the answer gives the value of 18.
Clue #3 – One digit is repeated more than once.
Clue #4 – The number if considered an ill omen.
Clue #5 – Ina apparently trained under the guy related to this number.

What is the second number that Helene has written?
666 (✓)

Clue #1 – It is the greatest number invented.
Clue #2 – Alone the number is weak.
Clue #3 – It is a prime number.
Clue #4 – The number equivalent to Dregg’s Misery.
Clue #5 – The number is equivalent to Dregg’s happiness.

What is the final number that Helene has written?
0 (✓)

Table of Contents


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