Theft of The Prison Boys Walkthroughs and Translations

Wow, I can’t believe this =_= Someone copy pasted my weeks of work and dumped it all on the Prison Boys wikia, without asking permission or even informing me. Really? 

I’m really thankful and appreciative of awesome readers who leave suggestions for iffy parts of the walkthrough and really sweet people who thanked me, but having this kind of thief is really disappointing.

I knew there’s thieves for scanlations, translations, original works etc. but never thought that there’d be those who steal freaking walkthroughs. And I’m really, really irritated because saying I spent weeks on this, though obviously there’s breaks in between, isn’t false.

I re-played the game at least thrice, even once with a different phone, just so I make sure I got everything right. I have a freaking life and my life doesn’t revolving around gaming, much less re-playing games, so re-playing things is nothing but a waste of my time. I’m also a person who avoids re-reading and re-playing things like the plague. Then there’s all the counting freaking stage numbers, typing, formatting, spell-checking, writing explanations that I hope is easily understandable, seeing as there’s a large number of non-native English speakers.

Forget it, I think I’m better off flipping tables. If anyone read till this point, thanks for accompanying me to blow off some steam. Seriously, why do people steal anyway? Sometimes I wonder why I’m wasting time contributing things when people can just steal everything in seconds.


4 thoughts on “Theft of The Prison Boys Walkthroughs and Translations

  1. Hello there, this comment might be late for you to read. But this might help.

    Maybe instead of typing the answers straight to your blog, it would be better if you make it a jpeg format. So it wont be copied easily. Then put your name on the obvious part so that your name could be seen if ever this would happen again. But i hope it won’t happen again because it’s terrible.

    I hope you’re doing fine now :3

    P.s. Thank you for doing The Prison Boys, really helped me a lot. I hope you could also do Tasokare Hotel if you have more time. Thank you for your existence!

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    • Thank you for the kind comment^^ From what I’ve seen other bloggers do, jpeg formats can cause problems for the reader either by making the page laggy or the text being too pixelated/large/small and thus harming the eyes or being hard to read. They may also be issues viewing on different devices (phone, tablet etc.)That’s why I didn’t adopt such a method. Thank you though, I hope it won’t happen again too ORZ. Ah, I haven’t heard of that game, I’ll take a look 😀


  2. This happens way too often. It’s sad. I just wanted to say thank you for all your walkthroughs. The format you put it in and your effort to make sure it is right is amazing. Thank you! 😁


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