[Medieval Cop – The Invidia Game – Part 3] Guide

The Invidia Game – Part 3 is part of the 4th instalment of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). Kongregate. This walkthrough includes answers to questions. Btw there’s a game starring Ada called Wolf’s Bane.

Table of Contents

– Arena –
– Round 1: 2-Person Puzzle –

Note: You can press ‘esc’ at any time to pause the game or to load from a save file, etc. Press ‘esc’ again to unpause and close the popup window. You can hold ‘shift’ and an arrow key to ‘run’.

1. Press E to switch to Mina. Flip the switch to the left. The gate below Ina will open.
2. Press T to switch to Ina. Go down and flip the switch. The gate below Mina will open.
3. Press E. Go down, then right and flip the switch. The arrowed plate near Ina will change. Continue going right. Of the 4 switches in a row, flip the leftmost, 2nd leftmost and rightmost.
4. Press T. Step on the >>> arrowed plate to the right. When Ina reaches the yellow tiles, step on the tile to the right that shows ‘>>>’ Ina will safely reach the other end of the iced area. To the right is a section with 3 green switches, flip the upper left one. The gate right of Mina will open. Go to the tile above the lower right switch. Watch the lower moving tile above the water body to the right. Flip the switch such that the lower moving tile stops directly above the odd paved tile sticking out. Do the same for the other moving tiles, using the other switches above. You should get this:
MC - Invidia P3.png
5. Press E. Go left, pass the opened gate to the water body. Interacting with each of the 3 arrowed tiles will let Mina jump to the other side of the water body. Flip the green switch above and the yellow switch to the right. The gate right of Mina will open.
6. Press T. Go right and flip the red switch.


– Round 2: Combat –

Up to your play style, really. I used Attack, Guard and Potion when necessary until Felicia has enough Stress for Penta Slash. Repeat until Bernard falls.


– Final Round: Medieval Debate –
– Dimensional Debate: RagnaRock, Atlantis –

Clue #1: She enjoys it thoroughly…
Clue #2: It starts with an “S”.
Clue #3: This is something everybody does.
Clue #4: Doing this excessively is considered ill mannered.
Clue #5: It’s something Dregg wishes he was doing.

What is the first word that Ada has written?
Sleeping (✓)

Clue #1: It is something all living things have.
Clue #2: Some humans don’t understand its meaning.
Clue #3: It is sometimes lost during wars.
Clue #4: Some humans misuse this…
Clue #5: Humans do not deserve it.

What is the second word that Ada has written?
Free Will (✓)

Clue #1: All countries have it. 
Clue #2: It looks different for different countries.
Clue #3: People either hate it or love it to death.
Clue #4: A country can survive without it, but prefers to have it. 
Clue #5: It is not a living thing.

What is the third word that Ada has written?
Flag (✓)

Clue #1: It can seep through gaps.
Clue #2: It is required by all living things.
Clue #3: Plants can’t grow without it.
Clue #4: It can’t freely change shape, but it can take shape of others.
Clue #5: Some creatures live in it.

What is the fourth word that Ada has written?

Clue #1: Nobody likes him.
Clue #2: Yet everybody relies on him.
Clue #3: He is not ashamed of who he is, but he is also not prideful about it either.
Clue #4: He hates the world, but he is not destroying it, he is changing it one step at a time.
Clue #5: I wished we could have met sooner.

What is the final word that Ada has written? (pick any)
Dregg The Grump
Grumpy Dregg
Uncle Dregg
Hateful Dregg
Happy Dregg


Table of Contents


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