[Detective’s Choice] V4 Walkthrough

V4 Ranks
1700+ – Cool cat, loved by the skirts
1400+ – Good noggin, nice keister
900+ – On the level PI
500+ – Sucker sleuth
<500 – Daisy punk

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Volume 4, by William Miller

Go check it out (cool +1)
Send Abner first
Shoot a flare
Wait awhile

Jump back
Shoot the tentacle (cool +2)
Shoot a flare

Let go
Ride it down (life -2)
Summon the wolf (rage +1, cool +1)

Shoot the flare at its mouth
Use the wolf
Shoot its eyes
Try to start a fire (cool +1)

(life -2)

Grab Abner and run (rage +1, cool +2)
Tell Abner to run
Protect him with your body (cool +2, life -3)

(life +2, rage -1)

Jump and pull your gun
Play it cool (cool +2)
Dive and roll

Bring out the wolf a little
Take a chance (life -1)

Agree to help
Ask for a little cash
Ask for a lot of cash (money +200)

(life +2, rage -1)

Try the latch (cool +1)
Lean on the bell
Look for another entrance

Search the corridors
Call out
Pull the cord (cool +1)

Keep it business
Turn on the charm (cool +1)
Ask about the staff

Have a drink
Decline a drink (cool +1)

Club her
Kill her
Restrain her (cool +2, life -1)

Search the first floor
Search the second floor

Kick the door open
Knock on the door (cool +1)
Go to the first floor

Threaten him
Convince him to hurry (cool +1)
Play doctor

Ask the patient
Brave the halls
Check his room number
Talk with the batter (cool +2)

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
If found elsewhere, it’s been stolen.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Take over as pitcher
Use the straight approach
Act like an interviewer (cool +2)

Defend yourself and calm him
Kill him
Run away
Scare him

(life +2, rage -1)

Wake her gently
Shake her awake
Have a peek
Let her sleep (life +1, rage -1)

Refuse to help
Insist on saving Rose
Ask how to close the door (cool +1)

Tell Ellie
Keep her in the dark
Poke a little fun (cool +1)

Jump the fence
Talk to the city workers

Tell her who you are
Flirt with her
Use the missing car lie (cool +1)

Entertain her yourself
Put Abner up to it (cool +1)

Run away
Pull your gun
Climb on top of the car
Use the wolf

Time for a drink
A werewolf did it (cool +2)
I must have done it
The circus is involved?

(life +2, rage -1)

Pull your gun
Show your hands
Ask to cooperate
Show them the wolf (cool +2, rage +1)

Say it’s a favor
Shoot Joe
Challenge Joe (cool +2)

Honest fight
Hamstring him
Shoot Joe

(life +2, rage -1)

Say you have business with Doyle
Ask for a table (cool +2)
Ask to use the house phone
Say you’re the health inspector

Stay at the bar (cool +1)
Follow Tiny and Bull

Tell Liam
Say you took care of them
Say they are all dead (cool +1)

Take the punishment
Give up the garage crew
Fight Tiny (cool +2)
Bring out the wolf

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
If found elsewhere, it’s been stolen.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Call Bill Bonnano
Use sewers
Use the hot rod (cool +1, life -2)

Look for a hiding place
Call out (cool +1)
Fire warning shots.

Split up and search
Ask Pasha (cool +1)

Drink the concoction (cool +1)
Search the circus for anchors

Wax Museum
Hall of Mirrors (cool +1)
House of Horrors
The Carousel
The Freak Show

Kill Ellie’s reflection (cool +2, life -2)
Kill your own reflection
Kill Abner’s reflection
Kill the wolf reflections

Duck and roll
Dodge and shoot (cool +2, life -2)
Leap backwards
Rip his guts out

Break the whole box
Break the fire mirror
Break the ice mirror (cool +2, rage +1)
Break the vortex mirror
Take the box and go

Run away
Use the hammer (cool +1, life -1)
Use your gun
Summon the wolf

Leave Abner
Use your gun (cool +1, rage -1)
Summon up the wolf

Bust the door down
Open a window
Climb onto the roof (cool +2)
Hold back the horde

Check the upstairs
Check the first floor
Check the basement (cool +1)

Push and shove
Fight the horde (cool +3, life -2)
Retreat upstairs
Pull the rug out (cool +2, rage +1)

Sacrifice Abner
Sacrifice Roger
Sacrifice Ben
Sacrifice Felix
Sacrifice Ellie
Sacrifice yourself
Do not sacrifice anyone (cool +3)

‘Who are you?’
‘Is this the afterlife?’
‘Anything to drink here?’ (cool +2)
‘Come out where I can see you.’

Run away
Go for the knife (cool +2, life -3, life -1 later)
Plead for your life
Stall him

Look for the dagger (cool +1)

Use the dagger on yourself
Use the dagger on The King

Ends with life: 2, cool: 64, rage: 0, money: 240

Score: 2160 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Super Sleuth! Achievement
Completed Detective’s Choice V4 Achievement
Highest rank for Detective’s Choice V4 Achievement

Note: If you liked Detective’s Choice, the author has a Jake Noble series at Amazon. 🙂

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