[ZS Dead Detective] Graves & Secrets Walkthrough

Graves & Secrets is part of the Zombie Society Dead Detective series by Interactales. Kongregate. Newgrounds.

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– And so, you intend to hire me.
– Where were you when that guy stole your grave? (+evidence)
– Why haven’t you contacted the police yet? (+evidence, + location)

– That grave ain’t yours, you know..? (+location)


Brain Hunters HQ
Screwdriver (to the right of Hunter)

– In the matter of personal curiosity, how’s the pay of a hunter? (+evidence)
– (evidence) Gaspuggh claims he deposited the deed to his grave in the bank (+evidence)


Gibberish’s Grave Shop (+evidence)
Was that Cackle the banker you were talking with? (+evidence)


Cackle (+evidence)
(evidence) Gaspuggh claims he deposited the deed to his grave in the bank (+evidence)

– My friend said he deposited something in this bank (+evidence)
– (evidence) I saw Cackle and Gibberish together outside his shop


Gibberish’s Grave Shop
Do you know anything about football?

Open the door while Ghvnn distracts Gibberish. Margh will enter and come out with a deed (+evidence, +item)


(evidence) Gibberish had some already compiled deeds in his shop (+evidence)


Hey, where did Wubba Lubba Dub Dub go…? (+evidence)

Go right and leave the graveyard. Margh and Ghvnn will come across ‘Wubba Lubba Dub Dub’ talking to One-Eye. (+evidence, +location)


Princess Fhbnn’s Mansion (+evidence)
Use screwdriver (in Margh’s suitcase) on the window

Letter (+item, +location)


Gulp’s Bookstore
Get Gulp to read the letter (+evidence)


Note: To combine or review clues and deductions, open the book in the dropdown box. You can pick anything for deductions 2, 3 and 6.

Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
1. Cackle, the banker, claims she never had Gaspuggh’s deed + Gaspuggh claims he deposited the deed to his grave in the bank

Gaspuggh might have been illegally squatting in his grave
Cackle, the banker, might be lying  (✓)

2. Gaspuggh is terribly careless and sloppy. + Gaspuggh never communicated his address to the Hunters HQ
Gaspuggh knew he wasn’t the rightful owner of his grave
Gaspuggh never communicated his address because he’s forgetful

3. One-Eye delivered the message to Princess Fhbnn + Wubba Lubba Dub Dub gave One-Eye a suspicious Letter
The correspondence between the two is no proof of their guilt
That message might be Gaspuggh’s stolen deed

4. Gibberish bragged about buying blank deeds at a very low price + I saw Cackle and Gibberish together outside his shop
Gibberish is not breaking the law by buying those deeds at a lower price
Cackle’s favouritism towards Gibberish is unjustified  (✓)

5. Many bank customers have lamented the loss of the deeds to their graves + Cackle is the bank employer that handle the deeds department
Cackle is in the right position to get rid of all the deeds  (✓)
Someone might have snuk into the bank to steal all those deeds

6. Brain hunting doesn’t pay like it used to + Gaspuggh has a job as a brain hunter
Gaspuggh might be a bit strapped for cash
There’s no proof Gaspuggh is in need of money

7. Gibberish had some already compiled deeds in his shop + Cackle claims she’s never seen Gibberish’s deeds before
Those deeds were waiting to be counterfeited (✓)
Those deeds are already compiled because he’s already sold them

Confirm Suspect
Gaspuggh, my neighbour
Cackle, the banker
Gibberish, the graves seller (✓)
Princess Fhbnn

Confirm Conclusion
Gibberish is selling counterfeited deeds with the help of Cackle


Clues Found 14/14
Gibberish and Cackle area partners in crime — Correct
You translated the love letter for the princess — Correct
Final Score 29/29

Table of Contents  |  Other Endings


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