[Medieval Chronicles] Super Unnatural Walkthrough

Clues and answers for Medieval Chronicles 2. Solve the case of a murderous mummy and its curse. Kongregate.

M. Chronicles 1  |  Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 3

1. Go right and talk to the soldier blocking the way.  Select the Badge clue at the upper right corner and talk to the soldier again.
2. Go right, then up to the crime scene.
3. After the cutscene, go left to find the officer-in-charge.
4. After the cutscene, interact with the armor with a helmet on it to find the mummy.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Collect clues
Note: Talk to the characters (with the exception of soldiers, and with your clue deselected) before discussing clues with him/her. This will allow you to collect their profiles as well. 
1. Talk to Dr. Sigh (+Incident Report)
2. Talk to Assistant Grayson to the leftmost in front of the Rex bones.
3. Interact with the nearest potted plant right of Grayson regarding Incident Report (+Mummy’s Sceptre)
4. Talk to Curator Whitesworth, south of the crime scene.
5. Interact with the Mummy (+Pharoah Tututut)
6. Interact with the Mummy with Incident Report (+Too Clean)
7. Interact with the Professor’s corpse (+The Victim)
8. Go back to Grayson  and talk to him about Pharoah Tututut (+The Curse…!!!) and The Victim (+Behaviour)
9. Talk to Amber, right of Grayson, about Pharoah Tututut. Woofs-a-lot will run off.
10. Talk to Captain Blues, right of Amber, about The Victim (+Workaholic)
11. Go south of the crime scene, after Woofs-a-lot and talk to him about Pharoah Tututut (+Bandages)
12. Go left to the Professor’s room where Tira is in. Interact with the blue book regarding The Victim (+The Diary)
13. Talk to Deam, just outside the room, about The Diary (+The Underground)
14. Talk to San, to the right and near Woofs-a-lot about The Diary (+The Dopplers)
15. Talk to Whitesworth about The Diary (+Fake Robberies)
16. Talk to Amber about Fake Robberies (+Wrong Quantity)
17. Talk to Tira about Fake Robberies (+Manifest)

Once ready, interact with the mummy to move on to the next stage.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com


Professor Redguard:
Right, but his recent behaviour was more erratic than usual… And the reason for that is…
Dopplers (✓)

But he did come in contact with the Dopplers some way. It is evident from the—
Museum Robberies
Professor’s Diary (✓)
The Sceptre
The Mummy
The Bandages
The Paintings

So if the Professor was exposed to the Drug, his emotions were affected as well.. Most specifically, his—
Fear (✓)

Your Archaelogical operation is being used to—
Steal Artifacts
Fund Terrorists
Blackmail the Nobles
Create a Zombie Army
Cover Conspiracies
Smuggle Drugs (✓)


Smuggling Drugs:
you can’t remember you gave me the clue yourself Tira. Which was—
A Letter
A Bill
A Receipt
A Coded Message
A Manifest (✓)
A Will

Redguard, If I remember correctly, he warned you about—
The Mummy
Professor’s Diary
The Sceptre
Museum Robberies (✓)
The Bandages
The Paintings

Everything becomes clear when you factor in one possibility. Which states that there is—
A Ghost
A Mummy
A Thief
An Elephant in the room
A Hidden Agenda
An Inside Man (✓)


Human Psychology:
Consider yourself to be Guilty of the crime. Now everyone is looking for a suspect. What is it you will first do?
Change the Subject
Act Innocent (✓)
Blame someone else

If everyone is discussing the case, what is the best thing you could do to avoid suspicion without any proof.
Stay Silent (✓)
Blame Someone else

The person who stayed silent from Redguard to being accused of a spy is—
Sir Whitesworth
Captain Blues
Assistant Grayson (✓)
The Mummy



1. Continue to click the barrels Dregg hides in until he escapes the room.
2. Chase after Amber. Enter the only available door. Once the mummy comes out of a door on the other side, enter the door to its right. Once out the door again, enter the center door.

M. Chronicles 1  |  Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 3


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