[Helix Waltz – Dress Up Drama] Table of Contents

Yes, it’s another beautiful game with dress-up elements °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Dive into the complicated city-state of Finsel with Magda as she helps her adopted family regain its former glory through information trading! GooglePlay. iTunes. List of contributors for character guides. Join the fan Discord server here!

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Character Guides

Strength(s), weakness(es), first meeting choice(s), Q&A questions and choices, conversation topics of interest, Maids’ Lodge preferences, preferred styles and so on.

COMPILATIONS:   ALL Q&A  |  Maids’ Lodge |  2-Choice Intel


Bavlenka Family
Lou Bavlenka, Nyx Bavlenka, Harson, Biggus, Willow, Leslie Bavlenka, Grand Duke Bavlenka

Olineaux Family
Zoe Olineaux, Christie Olineaux, Vicky Olineaux, Balfey Olineaux, Hamilton, Rincole, Hugh Olineaux

Jorcastle Family
Tilla Jorcastle, Gonzalo Jorcastle, Lynna Jorcastle, Lawrence, Alminas

Sakan Family
Juven Sakan, Barbara Sakan, Barris Sakan, Asteria


Xavier, Ivan, Maggie Longlan

City Assembly
Alan, Linglan, Andre Wolf

Diane, Hosta Tayu, Brala, Giulolo, Coco, Foggy, Motiti, Helena, Matthew, Black Glove, Shana, Starr Mayphis


Merc Corp
Shatina, Carlos, Gocheau

Republic of Rayorca
Rebecca Werchy, Marvelia Hull, Kelly, Randall

Lionheart Kingdom
Barbalius, Lucilia, Bergnya

Gedanh, Nahr

Sky Church
Florna, Cleric Pan, Heather


Nameless Characters
Lady A, Lady B, Civilian Woman, Maid




Clothes & Designs Required/Rewarded in Favor Quests

Dance Sequences

Eavesdrop Intel + Dialogue List

Family Affairs

Favor Levels

FL 10 Partner Stats

Where Characters May Appear



Past Events

Sound of Music
Steam Age
Sea of Fantasy
Scattered Plume



English Translations

!SPOILER! (Chapter 6) Threatening Letter
2019 ‘Guardians’ (Weibo Post)


117 thoughts on “[Helix Waltz – Dress Up Drama] Table of Contents

  1. The new feature Family Affairs has certain options that will give you +20 favor for that character. Could you maybe start a guide so that people could contribute and share information? Thank you so much!


    • HI! Thanks for all your help so far^^

      Sorry, I’ve been swamped lately and haven’t had the time to figure out the stuff in the new updates so I’m not sure what FA entails yet and don’t even know where to start >< Give me a bit of time? If there's anything you wanna share you could do it in this page for the time being?

      EDIT: Family Affairs page added.


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