[Helix Waltz] Dance Sequences Walkthrough

Omg finally done! Dance images can also be found in Info > Dance at your home screen (I only realised after at least 90 screenshots… ha… haha… Q^Q) Anyway these dance sequences/patterns, with contrast tuned up, are for reference since Info can’t be accessed in balls.

Table of Contents


  • A sequence doesn’t have to be completed in order (eg. if the game’s example starts at Point A and ends at Z, you can start at Z and end at A instead) BUT the path has to be followed a.k.a steps can’t be retraced.
  • I’ve added suggested orders to some of the sequences that crisscrosses more.
  • Number of sequences you may get in a dance session increases when your favor level with that particular character increases. FL 3 = 2 sequences, FL 5 = 3 sequences, FL 7 = 4 sequences, FL 9 = 5 sequences.
  • Flaws (Fails) and Perfects are counted per sequence so failing a sequence does not fail your other sequences in the same session.
  • If your fingers block the screen and you have trouble knowing whether you hit a certain node, turn on your volume. A sound will play whenever you successfully pass through a node.
  • 68 sequences in total if anyone’s curious.
  • Organised by complexity and relation, hopefully this brings out the beauty and meanings of the sequences better. I really think the devs did a great job coming up with this minigame!







Table of Contents


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