[Helix Waltz] Intel Question Choices

The choices that come up sometimes when talking about certain things with each character (not Q&A). Your choice may affect the topic/type of intel you get, so hopefully this helps you get more of what you need! Very much WIP.

Maids’ Lodge  |  Table of Contents  |  Q&A by Signs

( ) = intel obtainable



Tilla: Miss Ellenstein, what are you trying to say?
Continue (gets kicked out of ball)
Change Topic (Social)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Glittering? The only man in the entire Finsel that can be described as glittering is Barbalius, the ambassador of Lionheart Kingdom. Never mind his fashion taste… He’s known as the Diamond Blade for his honesty and uprightness. Sometimes he’s too upright…moshimushi.wordpress.com
Interesting (Social)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Not good (Social)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Magda: Last time I saw Viscount Sakan at the bunny pie shop!
NPC: Viscount Sakan also loves sweets…

It’s cute (Social)moshimushi.wordpress.com
It’s for others (Entertainment)


Magda: Have you heard about shopping mall?
NPC: You’ve also heard of it? A crazy man is selling this idea everywhere, looking for investment.
Magda: Hmm… Sounds like a huge castle that sells all sorts of things.
NPC: A shop that is bigger than a noble house. No wonder nobody is interested in investing.

That’s funny (Fashion)
Wild ideas (Business/Entertainment/Military/Politics/Social)moshimushi.wordpress.com


There are quite a few guardmen… how do they get money…
Colonel Loire (Social)
Members (Military)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Magda: … increase their…
NPC: I didn’t know you are interested in this kind of stuff.
Magda: Because…

For rivalry (Military)moshimushi.wordpress.com
For peace (Social)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Ever since the Sullas went wild…. I’m afraid…
Refugees (Politics)moshimushi.wordpress.com
City supply (Military)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Magda: Recently, regulation on Rayorca’s goods have become the hottest topic.
NPC: Glider… Do you support it?
Restrict freedom (Politics)
Prevent crime (Politics)

A friend of mine thinks the slums should be brought into the City Assembly… Who can represent…moshimushi.wordpress.com
City Assembly (Politics)
People in Slums (Politics)


…Raised prices of cotton… Shortage… Magda, you are very concerned about the price of clothes.
For the poor (Politics)moshimushi.wordpress.com
For new clothes (Business)


Magda: I heard a gang of thieves are active in town?
NPC: … art… They claim that people of a poor taste don’t deserve to own any art piece.
Magda: Very special thieves…moshimushi.wordpress.com
NPC: Magda, what do you think they will do to the artworks they have stolen?

For money (Art)moshimushi.wordpress.com
For prank (Social)


NPC: … invited… expand…
Faith is great (Mystery)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Keep low profile (Military)

Comparably, the church in Finsel is too small…
Small but piety (Mystery)moshimushi.wordpress.com
There’s no choice (Mystery)


Magda: Have you been to the popular pie shop round the corner?
NPC: The shop with the bunny sign?
Magda: Yeah, their pies taste very special…
NPC: I heard they make pies with magic…

Is it illegal? (Fashion)
Very funny (Trivia)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Maids’ Lodge  |  Table of Contents  |  Q&A by Signs



6 thoughts on “[Helix Waltz] Intel Question Choices

  1. Rae

    Does this only affect the type of Intel received? I get hearsays when I choose some options but gossips when I choose some 😮


    1. nakimushi Post author

      I think the hearsay/secret/gossip is random but don’t take my word on it, haven’t collected data to ascertain this and won’t be doing so.



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