[Helix Waltz] Clothes & Designs Required/Rewarded in Favor Quests

When planning to prioritise certain quests or when making craft ingredient purchase decisions. Yes, you got it, another WIP!

Table of Contents  |  Favor Level

Clothes Rewarded

Q3 – Asteria & Alminasmoshimushi.wordpress.com
4* Headwear: Gold Tiara → Gorgeous, Sexy, Noble, [Golden], [Jeweled], [Court]


Balfey Olineaux
Q1 – Palace Night
3* Necklace: Embroidered Choker → Sexy, Lively, [Jeweled], [Pink]

Q5 – Magda’s Giftmoshimushi.wordpress.com
(from Eliza) 2* Coat: Rebellious Coat → Mature, Sexy, [Blue]
(from Balfey) 3* Necklace: Bonds of Fate → Pure, Lovely, Warm, [Black], [Lolita]


Q1 – Coco’s Requestmoshimushi.wordpress.com
3* Headwear: Bombardier → Lively, Lovely, Pure, [Blue]


Q1 – Help Gedanh I (Note: A full Kangila outfit isn’t required. 1 Kangila item is enough.)
5* Shoes: Night Sky → Sexy, Gorgeous, Noble, [Black], [Kangila]


Gonzalo Jorcastle
Q1 – Gonzalo’s Request
4* Earrings: Firebead Earrings → Noble, Lively, Gorgeous, [Red], [Mage]

Q5 – Gonzalo’s Invitationmoshimushi.wordpress.com
6* Cape: Golden Rose Cape → Sexy, Gorgeous, Noble, [Black], [Golden], [Court]


Hosta Tayu
Q2 – Buy the Hondo Bookmoshimushi.wordpress.com
5* Hairstyle: Jade Updo → Sexy, Delicate, Mature, [Black], [Mandaria]


Q3 – New Product Releasemoshimushi.wordpress.com
4* Dress: Corset Leather Skirt → Cool, Lively, Mature, [Rayorca], [Black]


Q3 – Amber Tearsmoshimushi.wordpress.com
6* Perfume: Amber Tear → Lively, Lovely, Gorgeous, [Perfume]


Q2 – ??
3* Cape: Red Devil Wings → Lively, Sexy, Lovely, [Red], [Mage]


Zoe Olineaux
Q1 – The Duke’s Invitation
3* Necklace: Blue Crystal Collar → Cool, Lovely, [Blue]


Designs Rewarded

✦ = required by quest. In these cases, I’ll include the craft materials.
Go to Shop > Rebecca’s Design > Design Clothes to make clothes, or obtain through other means like eggs, etc.

Q2 – Viscount’s Requestmoshimushi.wordpress.com
✦ 4* Dress: Cloud Dress → Cool, Pure, Gorgeous, [Ball], [Blue]
Gold Sapphire x2, Rayorca Cotton x5, Magic Velvet x4

Q1 – Coco’s Requestmoshimushi.wordpress.com
✦ 4* Dress: Sugar Rose Dress → Noble, Gorgeous, [Pink], [Lolita]
Dream Pink Dye x2, Mandaria Silk x4, Magic Potion x3, Elven Sandpaper x6


Q2 – Search for the Past II
✦ 5* Dress: Queen Cinnamon → Pure, Lovely, Gorgeous, [Golden], [Court]
Holy White Dye x4, Royal Gold Dye x5, Plain Silk x4, Magic Velvet x5, Magical Veil x4

Q5 – Giulolo’s Researchmoshimushi.wordpress.com
✦ 4* Special(Tail): Bunny Tail → Lovely, Sexy, [Pink]
Magic Thread x1, Magic Essential Oil x2, Rayorca Cotten x2, Velvet x1


Q1 – Motiti’s Giftmoshimushi.wordpress.com
✦ 4* Dress: Fancy Maid Dress → Pure, Warm, Mature, [Black], [Maid]
Black Dye x2, Plain Silk x1, Thread x1, Magic Wool x1


Rebecca Werchymoshimushi.wordpress.com
Q1 – Search For Inspiration
3* Top: White Suit → Lively, Lovely, Pure, [White], [Rayorca]

Q2 – Search for Inspiration IImoshimushi.wordpress.com
3* Top: Dandy’s Vest → Gorgeous, Sexy, Lively, [White], [Rayorca]


Q3 – Shatina’s Request
✦ 4* Necklace: Rose Pendant → Gorgeous, Noble, [Golden]
Purple Dye x1, Gold x1


Tilla Jorcastlemoshimushi.wordpress.com
Q2 – Timeless Fashionmoshimushi.wordpress.com
✦ 3* Dress: Striped Evening Dress → Sexy, Noble, Mature, [Ball]
Black Dye x4, Red Dye x4, Plain Cotton x4, Plain Silk x3, Silver x1


Q9 – Night in Slummoshimushi.wordpress.com
✦ 3* Ring: Winding Ring → Noble, Gorgeous, [Jeweled]
Elven Sandpaper x1, Silver x1, Gem Shard x1, Magic Thread x1

Table of Contents  |  Favor Level


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