[Helix Waltz] 2019 Guardians Translations

A lovely member of the fan Discord shared this post from the Chinese Helix Waltz’s Weibo and I thought it’s friggin’ hilarious so I translated the guardians part XDD! Remember to like or share the Weibo post if you have a Weibo account!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2019!! Who’s your guardian this year~?

Table of Contents


(Xavier) Bare Head No Moremoshimushi.wordpress.com
Zi ~ Attention please! Your guardian, the great mage Xavier has cast the「Hair Grows, Hair Grows, No More Hair Loss」spell on you. In the new year, you, will be the maiden with the thickest hair!moshimushi.wordpress.com

Note: Check out the Weibo post (link above) for the other images and the full (raw) post.

(Barris) Full of Fortune Auramoshimushi.wordpress.com
The balance of law is always impartial, yet his balance inclines towards you. Guarded by the Minister of Law, you will be shone upon by the light of law this year, having flourishing health and great luck ~moshimushi.wordpress.com

(Balfey) Rich and Wilful
This year, he’ll get fat in your place! With a little businessman guarding you, besides obtaining a wealth BUFF, you even miraculously obtain the skill of eating and not getting fat. moshimushi.wordpress.com

(Blackglove) Passing Every Exammoshimushi.wordpress.com
The gambling hegemon, is here to guard. You’ll know everything you test for, and get everything you guess right. In the entire examination room, you and your eraser are the brightest stars.moshimushi.wordpress.com

(Carlos) Devising Strategies in the Command Tentmoshimushi.wordpress.com
This year, the you guarded by the military adviser, will be someone with a broad vision! Simply walking forward a step, you can foresee what will happen in the next 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 steps, thereby leading matters towards a good direction.moshimushi.wordpress.com

(Willow) No Longer Losing Sleepmoshimushi.wordpress.com
The court singer appears! Humming lullabies for you ~ Guarded by him, the chances of having insomnia in the new year will be greatly reduced, y’know ~ moshimushi.wordpress.com

(Alminas) Farewell Single Statusmoshimushi.wordpress.com
The elf with a young and handsome appearance, is specially favored by the God of Love. Guarded by him, you’ll surely gather lots of peach blossom energy¹, getting rid of the single dog title!moshimushi.wordpress.com

(Gonzalo) Heyday of Beautymoshimushi.wordpress.com
This essential oil is the mildest, this towel is the finest, Gonzalo spoke thus. Guarded by the great god of beautification, you’ll definitely become the best-looking youth of 2019!
Translated by moshimushi.wordpress.com
If found elsewhere, it’s been stolen.

¹ love luck.

Table of Contents


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