[Helix Waltz] Family Affairs

Family Affairs is unlocked at level 20.

★ = favor x20
c!egg = clothing egg (1x) x1
coin = coins x3000 UNLESS otherwise stated
exp = exp x2000 UNLESS otherwise stated
hearts = hearts x20 UNLESS otherwise stated
m!egg = material egg (10x) x1

Many kudos to _ttcb, Soren and shucks!

Table of Contents

Alan’s Visit
Talk to Him (★)
Give Him Some Snacks (exp)
Encourage Him (hearts)

Asteria’s Talisman
Good Luck in Fortune (coins)
Safety (hearts)
Achievement in Love (★)

Barbara’s Visit
The Pastry Shop (exp)
The Hunting Ground (★)
Nothing Particular (hearts)

Biggus’ Concern
Ask Why (exp)
Thank Biggus for His Concern (★)
Tell Him the Truth (hearts)

Black Glove
Black Glove’s Visit
Reject Flatly (m!egg)
Ask Why (exp)
Do It Confusedly (★)

The Thing That Coco Lost
The Snack Bag (★)
The New Bomb (m!egg)moshimushi.wordpress.com
The Wallet (hearts)

Diane’s Delivery
The Style Is Wrong (2000 coins)
I Haven’t Ordered (3000 coins)moshimushi.wordpress.com
The Shoulder Strap Is Broken (2500 coins)


Eliza (mum)
Commercial Charity
Enthusiastic Speech (hearts)
Try to Socialize (exp)
Assist the Work (Linglan ★)

Lady Q&A
Fan Language (1500 exp)
Code Words (2000 exp)
Irony (2500 exp)

Perming Hair with Poker
I Have to Say No (2000 exp)
Some Kind of Rumor (2000 exp)
Try It Secretly (hearts)
Learn How to Perm (coins)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Optimize the Schedule (coins)
Hire Some New Servants (hearts)
Help with the Housework (exp)

Surplus Money
Save up (coins)
Hold A Feast (exp)
Do Charity (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com

The Hole in the Dress
Whip the Maid (1500 exp)
Turn to Diane for Help (hearts)
Forgive the Maid (2000 exp)
Punish the Maid (coins)

The Injured Servant
Go Visit Him (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Have Him Suspended (exp)

The Unsent Gift
Get the Gift Back (coins)
Assist the Agent Secretly (exp)
Pressure the Agent Secretly (m!egg)
Punish the Agent (hearts)


Yes, I’ve Seen It (m!egg)moshimushi.wordpress.com
What is it? (exp)
I Don’t Believe It (hearts)

Maybe she was your follower?
Please Clam Down (hearts)
Ask for Details (exp)moshimushi.wordpress.com
That’s Outrageous (c!egg)

Harson’s Gift
Gladly Thank Him (hearts)
Invited Him to Share (★)
Pay Him (m!egg)


Lady A
An Exotic Pet
Tell the Truth (coins)
Be Full of Praise (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Ask about the Details (exp)

The Most Popular Ball
Refuse the Deal (coins)
Buy the Invitation (exp)


Lady B
The Rumor Spreader
Spread the Rumor (coins)
Listen Carefully (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Point Out the Truth (exp)

Lynna’s Visit
But This Is… (m!egg)
It can’t be… (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
All right, good bye (exp)

The Dance-floor Dominator
The Powerful Forbidden Magic (coins)
By Practice (exp)
By Gaining More Hearts (hearts)


Adopt a Petmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Punish It (exp)
Let It Go (hearts)
Adopt It as A Pet (c!egg)

Anonymous Love Letters
Find Someone to Investigate It (exp)
Write Back to Ask (m!egg)
Burn it (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com

An Exotic Gift
Give It to the Guardsmen (hearts)
Share It at the Tea Party (exp)
Sell It for Money (coins)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Give It to Diane (m!egg)ushi.wordpress.com

Go to the Guardsmen (20 hearts)
Go to Barris (15 hearts)
Provoke Dissension (coins)
Try to Persuade Them (exp)

The Bard
Give Him Some Money (coins)
Listen to Him (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Send Someone to Get Him Away (exp)

The Carriage Accident
Send Someone to Clean Up (hearts)
Ask About the Coachman (m!egg)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Contact the Owner (coins)

The Exclusive Invitation
Sell It at High Price (coins)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Use It by Yourself (hearts)

The Mutated Cat
Give It to the Mage (20 hearts)
Show It Off (exp)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Sell It to the Gang Territory (coins)
Give it to the Church (20 hearts)

The Strange Visitors
The Young Nobleman (hearts)
The Staff of the C.O.C (coins)
The Mage from the Spiral Spire (m!egg)

Viscount’s Weird Behaviour
Sell It for Money (coins)
Have A ‘Lottery’ Draw (c!egg)
Show It Off (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
You Can Keep It (exp)


Motiti’s Visit
The Butterfly (★)
The Wonderful Egg (m!egg)
The Gold Coin (coins)

Noble A
Disturbing Courtship
Morning Light? (exp)
Refuse Politely (m!egg)
Be Picky Deliberately (coins)

Nyx’s Visit
A Rare Book from Mandaria? (exp)
I’m the First? (★)
By Yourself? (hearts)

Rebecca’s Observations
Express Your Thanks (★)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Ask for More Information (exp)
Show Your Modesty (hearts)

Cat Fostering
Why Me? (exp)
What’s its name? (coins)
I’d Love To (★)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Shatina’s Visit
Are You Drunk! (exp)
This Is My Home (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Where Is Mr. Carlos? (★)

The Duchess’ Visit
Intel Trading (coins)
Attend the Ball (★)
Hang Out Together (hearts)moshimushi.wordpress.com

An Old Poem
What’s This Story About? (exp)
Who’s This Song For? (hearts)
Beautiful Melody (★)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Xavier’s Question
It’s magic. (hearts)
It’s some kind of technique. (exp)
It’s love. (★)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Table of Contents


53 thoughts on “[Helix Waltz] Family Affairs

  1. Eliza:
    Perming Hair With Poker – I Have to Say No: 2000 exp

    Nyx’s Visit – By Yourself?: Hearts x20

    The Duchess’ Visit – Hang Out Together: Hearts x20


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