[Romantic Diary] Notice – Account Migration

Just a friendly notice for those who haven’t logged in recently and haven’t seen these. If you’ve been playing the Ngames’ version, migrate your account before 4th May (screenshots below). 


The popup in step 1:



20 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Notice – Account Migration

  1. Hello! I was an old player before and I finally was able to play it again! I found my old username and ID but I don’t know how to contact the customer service team 😦
    I tried contacting summer@funtoygame.com and kefu@funtoygame.com but I’m unsure if any of those still work. Do you perhaps know a way how to contact them? I would really appreciate some replies 😭


      • Hi!! I tried on facebook but it seems that it was just an automated message because they didn’t reply after I greeted them. Luckily even though it took almost a week, they replied on Gmail (the kefu one)! I’m just praying I’ll get to play on my old account again😭 Thanks for your reply!!

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    • Hello, you have to contact the devs for that, sorry. The binding code was obtained in-game, in the old Ngames’ version. I don’t think it’s accessible now.


  2. Excuse me , Horin here.
    I’m an old player and I’ve played romantic diary some time ago.But I dlted the game as exams were coming and I didn’t download it back .I suddenly so the game again in play store today and I wanna try and find my old account back…I recall I used fb to login to the game,and now it changed though.
    I saw the deadline of the account migration have passed for so long…And I’ve still tried the url and I’ve register an account ,but I dunno where to find the transition code….
    Is there anything I can do to retrieve my old account back… And there’s this thing that emmmm
    I dun really remember my old account name as I changed it for quite a few times….


  3. Hi, I deleted romantic diary a couple months back and just redownloaded to find that my account it gone. I’ve contacted support but they can’t help without my nickname and user ID. I have no recollection of what my ID is. So, I was wondering if you know of anyway to track down information about my old account to give to support and try and recover it?


    • Hmm do you remember if the game sent any email when you were signing up? (I’m not sure if it required email.)


      • I don’t think so 😦 I told them that I connected to Facebook before and I have bought diamonds on that account but they basically said nothing they can do without username and ID but I’m really hoping for some other way to find my account


    • Hello! I was an old player too and I just decided “whatever, I’ll make another account :((” because I was unsure if the support team was able to receive my message. I saw your comment here too and got discouraged because I forgot my ID and my name. Luckily I went through all my screenshots in my old gmail account to check if I screenshot my account and found 3 ss!! only of cute dresses though :< but I saw my name on the side!! I got curious if I could see my old account through the friends list of my new account, and I found it!! I found my old account!! I don't know if you're still trying to find it, but here's my solution!!


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