[Love, Mafia -My Signore-] Raven Albano Guide

Hello rotten comrades! This is a walkthrough / guide for a BL book by NTT Solmare in the app Story Jar. Spin-off of the BxG Love, Mafia book.

Table of Contents

Love, Mafia -My Signore-.png

Hearts start from 0/262.

There’s a small chance I calculated wrong despite multiple counting so take these with a pinch of salt:
◇401 to play through EVERY diamond choice
◇247 to play through only the most costly choices
◇90 for all CG choices

*Special Photos 1 and 2 can be unlocked for 60 each in the album

Chapter 1

I won’t be indebted to the mafia (+3)
Are you working with these guys? (+0)


Chapter 2

Introduce yourself (+0)
Who is this? (+3)moshimushi.wordpress.com

I’m not cute (+0)
You’re cuter (+3)

I’m going to bathe with Raven ◇3 (+10, Photo or CG 1 – Ilya’s wanted poster) (spoiler: Ilya and Raven in trunks)
Ask for directions ◇2 (+6)
Ask Crane for directions (+0)


Chapter 3

You have a job for me? (+0)
Sorry about that (+3)

Chuckle (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com
I’ve had to become something of a Jack-of-all-trades in order to survive (+3)


Chapter 4

You’re pretty involved with the citizens here, huh? (+3)
Listen to the citizens’ conversations (+0)

I want you to choose for me, Raven ◇3 (+10)
Choose an inexpensive pen ◇2 (+6)
Refuse (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 5

Food always tastes better when you’re tired, so eat up! (+0)
You should go back to your room and rest (+3)

I like both dogs and cats (+3)
I prefer dogs (+0)

Where are you going? (+3)
See you later (+0)


Chapter 6

I’ll do it ◇4 (+10)
Ask Ibis for his opinion ◇2 (+6)
Refuse (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 7

Stay silent and watch (+3)
Object (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com

I just said my true feelings (+3)
I didn’t do anything (+0)


Chapter 8

Go out and buy him something sweet ◇4 (+10) (teaser: buys Raven pudding as thanks for his help earlier, and Raven uses poison-testing as an excuse to feed Ilya~)
Gather information about sweets in the city ◇2 (+6)
Do nothing (+0)


Chapter 9

Is this an acquaintance of yours? (+0)
Introduce yourself (+3)

Look at Raven (+3)
Look at Vic (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 10

Respond vaguely (+0)
Agree with Vic (+3)

Ask him frankly why he’s in a bad mood ◇8 (+10, Photo 2) (photo spoiler: kabedon)
Think about the reason ◇4 (+6)
Let it go (+3)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 11

It upsets me (+3)
I’m more concerned about Sakia (+0)

Look to Raven for help ◇6 (+10)
Look to Hannah for help (+0)


Chapter 12

Did you simply want to hang out with me? ◇8 (+10)
Would you have been lonely if you came by yourself? ◇6 (+6)
Say nothing (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 13

I want to hear more about Hannah (+0)
Play in the sand out in the yard (+3)

Show him the way to an inn (+3)
Give him directions (+0)


Chapter 14

Call out Raven’s name ◇14 (+10, Photo 3) (photo spoiler: side hug with Raven aiming his gun, basically the book cover image)
It’s Vic! ◇8 (+6)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Who did that? (+0)


Chapter 15

I want you to tell me what happened between Pico and Lark (+3)
I want you to tell me what you’ve been hiding (+0)


Chapter 16moshimushi.wordpress.com

I don’t think Lark and I are very much alike (+0)
Respect Raven (+3)

Ask if you’re a replacement for Lark ◇18 (+10)
Ask for more information about Pico ◇15 (+6)
I have nothing to say (+0)

Leave the room (+0)
Jokingly suggest sleeping together ◇8 (+10)


Chapter 17

Let’s share the bed ◇25 (+10, Photo 4) (photo spoiler: sharing a bed)
I’ll sleep on the floor, too ◇20 (+6)
Sleep in the bed (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com

You’re leaving me behind again today? (+0)
I want to go with you ◇16 (+10)


Chapter 18moshimushi.wordpress.com

I want to try making it for Raven (+3)
Lark really was good at everything, huh? (+0)

Add a few personal touches to the pudding recipe ◇19 (+10) (teaser: Raven and MC discussing their recent sleeping arrangements *fujoshi/danshi get this!* and Raven commenting on the pudding)
Follow the recipe ◇14 (+6)
Don’t make pudding (+0)


Chapter 19moshimushi.wordpress.com

That’s the same cologne Raven uses ◇6 (+10)
What a pleasant smell (+0)

Stop pretending to be Vic (+0)
I know who you really are (+3)


Chapter 20

Call Raven’s name ◇23 (+10)
Ask Raven for help ◇20 (+6)
Look at Raven (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 21

Tell Vic to stop Raven (+0)
Stop Raven yourself ◇7 (+10)

Become speechless (+0)
Deny that you’re lovers (+3)


Chapter 22

Ask if you can stay in the Albano family ◇27 (+10)
Thank him ◇24 (+6)
Try and pretend it’s nothing (+0)


Chapter 23moshimushi.wordpress.com

Admit it, you’re happy that I joined, right? (+3)
How mean…! (+0)

Ibis invited him (+0)
I invited him (+3)


Chapter 24

Ask why he kissed you ◇40 (+10, Photo 5) (photo spoiler: kiss)
Wait for Raven to speak ◇35 (+6)
Push him away (+0)

Why were you all spying on us?! (+0)
Accept it as inevitable ◇8 (+10)


Chapter 25 (end)

(+ Photo 6) (photo spoiler: putting on an engagement ring)

Table of Contents


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