[Pirates] Francis Drake Ingram Choices

Pirates -Treasured Love in the Ocean-, in the app Story Jar. To prevent an ancient weapon from landing in the wrong hands (through forced marriage), a princess enlists the help of Drake, the awkward captain of Queen Coast’s navy.

P.S. Ruby (the parrot) is the MVP of this book.

Mainly the list of choices, for diamond purchases planning.

Heine  |  Table of Contents

Hearts start from 0/32. Ending is determined from the heart count you have at the end of Chapter 8.
◇20 choices = + 2 hearts
◇10 choices = + 1 heart
Free choices  = 0


Chapter 1

Okay, but with caution. ◇10
Okay ◇20
I’m worried

Who are you?! ◇10
Let go of me! 20


Chapter 2

+ CG / Photo 1 (Nagisa jumping at Drake)

I look forward to working together. 10
I will do my best to stay out of your way.
You have my thanks. 20

No, I would rather you put me down, please 10
Where is this?
Thank you 20


Chapter 3moshimushi.wordpress.com

Really, I’m okay.
Please don’t mind me. 10
Actually… 20

I’d like to help as well 10
I’ll go back to my room 20
Please don’t be so cold


Chapter 4

That would be most helpful 20
I don’t want to inconvenience you 10
I will go with Nagisa

+ Photo 2 (Roberts grabbing Drake’s collar)

I’m fine 20
I was scared
I’m sorry 10


Chapter 5

You won’t lose, will you? ◇10
I know you will win. ◇20
I’m worried.

I’m scared.moshimushi.wordpress.com
I’m not scared because it’s you. ◇20
Being a pirate is all in the past.


Chapter 6

Please wait 20
Good night 10
Watch him leave in silence

+ Photo 3 (Drake hugging Konoha/MC)

You’ve saved my life again 10
Thank you 20
I’m sorry


Chapter 7

Stay silentmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Please don’t worry about it. 20
I’ll wipe it myself. 10

I’ll go wake him. 20
I’m not against it at all. 10
Are you sure I’m the one who should go?

+ Photo 4 (Half-asleep Drake hugging Konoha)


Chapter 8

… in your hands, Captain. 20
… to the heavens.
… to the Arc Royal. 10

You’re right 20
Really? 10moshimushi.wordpress.com
I hope that’s the case…


Chapter 9 (Sad ending)

Note: From this point on, it doesn’t matter what you pick, the ending won’t change. Though certain choices yield dialogue I think is more positive/romantic (ie. the dialogue indicates that Drake is disappointed when you ask Nagisa “Do you have to leave?” but is happy when you say “It’s fine.” However, neither affects the ending), which will be marked with a ‘*’.

It’s fine.*
Do you have to leave?
I suppose I don’t have a choice.

I feel better thanks to you, Captain.*
I’m not sure.
I don’t feel well.


Chapter 10 (Sad ending)

Thank you.*
That’s okay.
I’m like a child.

Please don’t fight, Captain.
Please stand down, Mr. Roberts.


Chapter 11 (Sad ending)

Please take me back to the Captain.
Please let me go.
Please listen to what I have to say.

It’s warm.*
It’s heavy.moshimushi.wordpress.com
It’s not an issue.


Chapter 12 (Sad ending)

I understand.
That’s not the answer I was hoping for.

I do.
Just a little bit.
Of course I don’t.

+ Photo 8 (Drake saluting Konoha from his ship)

Heine  |  Table of Contents


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