[Medieval Chronicles] Burn My Dregg Walkthrough

Clues and answers for Medieval Chronicles 4… “Santa” was murdered in summer?! GameJolt (download). Kongregate (web). 

M. Chronicles 3  |  Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 5

1. Talk to the soldier. Activate the badge clue by clicking on it, then talk to the soldier again.
2. Head north towards the corpse

He died by—- Falling

(+ Corpse) clue


Collect clues
Note: Talk to the characters (with the exception of soldiers, and with your clue deselected) before discussing clues with him/her. This will allow you to collect their profiles as well. 

1. Amber (short orange hair, to the northeast, by the tent)

  • How much is two plus two? 4 (objective: check all graves)
  • Talk to her about Corpse (select the Corpse clue before talking) and ask if she collected Testimonies (+ Witness Testimonies)

2. Firepit, south of Amber, with Testimonies selected

It belongs to the—- Captain Gram (+ Embers)

3. Corpse to the northwest

I was talking about his—  Identity

4. Talk to Sigh, next to the corpse

  • Carrots have the same properties as ______ at a lower cost if used for Aerial Assault. Apples
  • Ask about Corpse
    Black Blotches and Lines? Tattoos (+ Jailbird)

5. Tombstone near the corpse

6. There’s a fort south of Amber. Interact with the signboard next to 2 wooden pillars in front of the fort.

This person can answer that Foreman Vice (+ Construction)

7. To the south, tombstone covered with moss

8. Foreman Vice (nearby, to the west)

  • key feature of any Fort? Durability
  • Ask about Construction
    What did you do to all the—- Trees (+ Man & Nature)

9. Captain Gram (follow the path south, pass the 2 angel statues)

  • as long as you didn’t name your Daughter ____ or something. Milli
  • Ask about Testimonies
    I don’t believe you, because— Firepit (+ The Runs)

10. Moss-covered signboard east of Gram

As if it was— Overwritten (+ Hidden Message)

11. Polly (white-haired, to the north)

About the—- Murder

12. West of Polly, tombstone covered with moss (objective cleared) (+ Tombstones)

13. Sister Margaret, by the vegetable plots to the north

  • never utter the word ____ near him. Gangster
  • Ask about Tombstones
    the large scraps must be— Rides (+ Rusted Rides)
  • Ask about Corpse (objective: Make Tira lose interest in the Priest)

14. Tira

  • Santa Claus employs— Elves
  • Talk to Tira about Corpse
    Priests can’t have— Fun (objective cleared)

15. Margaret about Corpse

___ was that? When (+ Atonement)

16. Fatherson (north of Margaret)

  • goal of every religion out there? Heaven
  • Ask about Construction
    what happens when you remove all the trees from a certain area that kept the soil together in rain? Erosion (+ Groundwork)
  • Ask about Tombstones (+ Forgotten Graves)

17. Sigh about Hidden Message

Chemical to use Carbon Visibilus (+ Revelation)

18. Foreman Vice about Hidden Message

First 4 digits are— 4321 (+ Private Property?)

19. Interact with the corpse once ready.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com


The Sign

  • Holyland of God
  • Carnival
  • 4321

The Buried Past

  • Graves
  • Metal Scraps

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Amber’s Side

  1. Go east till the wall. The soul is in front of a drawer. (objective: look for tickets)
  2. Go to the west side of the building. Tickets are in the cabinet with drawers, next to the fireplace.
  3. Return to the east side and talk to the soul in front of the piano.
  4. Interact with the painting in the center of the building, that separates the west and east sides.
  5. Go to the west and talk to the soul in front of the bookshelf.
  6. Go to the east, interact with the taller cabinet near the drawer you first found the soul in front of.
  7. Talk to the soul.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Interact with everything in the room

  • Scrolls (work orders)
  • Flower pot
  • Shattered glass
  • Letter
  • Papers (invoices)
  • Small painting
  • Large painting
  • Clothes
  • Teddy bear

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
walkthrough by mosh


The Who?

  • Dane Escador
  • Carnival
  • 30

The Why?

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Foreman Vice
  • Abel

The How?

  • Fell
  • Captain Gram
  • Trees


M. Chronicles 3  |  Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 5


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