[Medieval Chronicles] Dead Grump Walking Walkthrough

Clues and answers for Medieval Chronicles 6. One of the cops was murdered! …  Or so it seemed? GameJolt (download). Kongregate (web). 

M. Chronicles 5  |  Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 7

  1. — Death
  2. — Towards
  3. Talk to the soldier. After the dialogue, select the clue at the top right hand corner and talk to him again.
  4. Head north, between Tira and Amber.

(+ Case File)


Collect clues
Note: Talk to the characters (with the exception of soldiers, and with your clue deselected) before discussing clues with him/her. This will allow you to collect their profiles as well. 

1. Dr. Sigh about Case File (select the clue before talking to him) (+ Murder Scene)

2. Blue Chair, southeast of Dr. Sigh and near the blood trail (+ Murder Weapon)

3. Find 5 pieces of the chair

  • Tira about Murder Weapon
  • Table south of Charlotte
  • Piano
  • Amber about Murder Weapon
  • There are 4 tables/seats to Amber’s east. Search the southmost one.

4. Bartender Wells about Case File (+ Kyle Viperblood)

5. Dr. Sigh about Murder Weapon (+ Weapon update)

6. Polly about Kyle (+ Face/Off)

7. Bar owner Charlotte about Kyle (+ Kyle’s Heartbreak)

8. Charlotte about Face/Off (+ Face/Off update)

9. Letter, southwest of Charlotte (+ Note)

10. Tira about Note (+ Note update)

11. Charlotte about Note (+ Charlotte’s alibi)

12. Alfred Viperblood about Kyle (+ Kyle update)

13. Wells about Face/Off (+ Face/Off update)

14. Amber about Murder Weapon (+ Weapon update)

15. Interact with Amber once ready.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com


The Motive

  • Kylemoshimushi.wordpress.com
  • The Note
  • Mother

The Contradictions

  • Chair
  • Heavy
  • After

The Timeline

  • Sigh’s Report
  • how long
  • Alfred’s

The True Motive

  • Assassins
  • Bodyguards
  • Angry moshimushi.wordpress.com

M. Chronicles 5  |  Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 7


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