[Pirates] Heine Choices

Pirates -Treasured Love in the Ocean-, in the app Story Jar. To prevent an ancient weapon from landing in the wrong hands (through forced marriage), a princess escapes with the help of Heine, the ghost ship captain… who learns to be more human.

Mainly the list of choices, for diamond purchases planning. I might update with the normal ending when I have enough. 

There’s more reveal about the Gardiner Trove which remains pretty much a mystery in some of the other routes. And honestly I don’t see much yandere in Heine. Is it just me??

Table of Contents  |  Francis Drake Ingram

Hearts start from 0/32. Ending is determined from the heart count you have at the end of Chapter 8.
◇20 choices = + 2 hearts
◇10 choices = + 1 heart
Free choices  = 0


Chapter 1

Because your face is so pale?
But you’re not, right? ◇10
Where did you come from? ◇20

You saved us, didn’t you? ◇20
What are you going to do with us? ◇10
Take us back.


Chapter 2

I have no obligation to answer.
I am going to destroy it. ◇20
Why do you want to know that? ◇10

+ CG / Photo 1 (Heine putting on ointment for MC)

… keep my wounds secret. ◇10
… be careful. ◇20
… make no trouble for you.


Chapter 3moshimushi.wordpress.com

Can we eat together? ◇20
I could go either way. ◇10
Actually, let’s call this off.

Just a little ◇10
Certainly ◇20
I’m afraid not

+ Photo 2 (Heine cupping MC’s cheek)


Chapter 4

I think you’re playing too much ◇10
It’s not good for your health ◇20
Just like a kid, no?

I’m glad! ◇20
You don’t have to push yourself…
Give it your best shot. ◇10

+ Photo 3 (Heine trying to smile and Nagisa poking his cheek with a cucumber)


Chapter 5

Please escort me. ◇10
It’s not a bother at all.
I want us to go together. ◇20

+ Photo 4 (Heine using a sword)

… I thought you would think it all a bother. ◇10
I thought you would use a magical weapon. ◇20


Chapter 6moshimushi.wordpress.com

We enjoyed the carnival. ◇20
…Similarly challenging.
A lot happened. ◇10

I don’t want to leave you. ◇20
You’ll cry… ◇10
You seem a lot stronger than them.


Chapter 7

Stay with me from now on. ◇20
Please protect me. ◇10
Please follow my orders.

Can you do it for me? ◇20
I’ll do it. ◇10
I’m scared.


Chapter 8moshimushi.wordpress.com

What I don’t understand scares me.
You are you. ◇20
I don’t think so at all. ◇10

This is… all so confusing…
I’m not normal, either. ◇10
We’re the same. ◇20


Chapter 9 (Sad ending)

Note: From this point on, it doesn’t matter what you pick, the ending won’t change. Though certain choices yield dialogue I think is more positive/romantic which will be marked with a ‘*’.

I’m fine now.
Just a little…
I am.moshimushi.wordpress.com

It won’t be as good as my mother’s, though.*
I’m not the best singer, though.
I’ll put my heart into it.*


Chapter 10 (Sad ending)

That’s terrible!
But I want to stay with you…*

Do you hate me?
Am I a bother?
Are you afraid?


Chapter 11 (Sad ending)

I feel more… empty, than pained.
I cannot put it into words yet.
… Please, do not mind me.

I want to be by your side.*
I’m coming to you right now.
I don’t understand.moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 12 (Sad ending)

It’s not your fault.
Well, I really didn’t want you to leave.
I’m really sad.

I believe in you.
That’s an unreliable answer.
Please, promise me.

+ Photo 8 (kissing on cheek)

Table of Contents  |  Francis Drake Ingram



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