[High School Otome] Isaac Walkthrough (Both Endings)

Otome game by Sonya in Cloudnovel. Can you befriend the aloof loner?

Mike  |  Table of Contents  |  Tom


Participate in the event (Tom)
Go to sleep

Talk back
Stay silent

Help him
Ignore it

Talk back (Mike)
Ignore him

Tell me something about yourself
Tell me something about Mike
Tell me something about Tom
Tell me something about Isaac (you can choose all the choices if you’re curious, the main point was letting you know where they usually hang out at)
I have no more questions to ask

Tell him (Jared)
Keep to yourself

From here on, choose the unbold choices (except the ‘Tell me about…’ part) for the Friendship ending.

Head to the gym (Jared)
Head to the park (Tom)
Head to the fountain square
Head to the cafe (Jared)

Go home and study (+ exam bonus points… just to make sure you pass the major exam, you can save before the choice to read the other one later)
Spend the rest of the afternoon with Isaac

Study (+ exam bonus points)
Check up on Isaac

Get coffee
Don’t get coffee

Take the usual path
Take the alternate route (+ exam bonus points)

Keep the items
Send them back to him

If Romantic Ending, + CG

Mike  |  Table of Contents  |  Tom


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