[High School Otome] Mike Walkthrough (Both Endings)

Otome game by Sonya in Cloudnovel.  Is the cocky, popular jock more than he seems?

… I think I’m too old to appreciate this.

Jared  |  Table of Contents  |  Isaac


Participate in the event (Tom)
Go to sleep

Talk back
Stay silent

Help him (Isaac)
Ignore it

Talk back
Ignore him

Tell me something about yourself
Tell me something about Mike (you can choose all the choices if you’re curious, the main point was letting you know where they usually hang out at)
Tell me something about Tom
Tell me something about Isaac
I have no more questions to ask

Tell him (Jared)
Keep to yourself

—— Might wanna save here if you haven’t played the other routes.

Head to the gym
Head to the park (Tom)
Head to the fountain square (Isaac)
Head to the cafe (Jared)

From here on, choose the unbold choices (except the ice cream part) for the Friendship ending.

Mint Chocolate
Cookies and Cream

Don’t reply

Eat the porridge (+ exam bonus points)
Leave it in the fridge

Go to the library (+ exam bonus points)
Go to the city square

David Mamet
Arthur Miller (+ exam bonus points)
August Wilson

Defend Mike
Listen to what Jared has to say

Go home
Return to Mike

Go to school early

If Romantic Ending, + CG

Jared  |  Table of Contents  |  Isaac


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