[Wizard’s Choice] V2 Walkthrough

Volume 2 Ranks
750+ – Deadly and Absurdly Handsome
550+ – Cunning AND Fetching Rogue
350+ – Cunning Rogue
150+ – Survivor with Nice Teeth
<150 – Wetter of the Trousers

V2 Choice Compendium  |  Table of Contents  |  V3 Walkthrough

Run! (life -1, mana -1)
Charm the guard (mana 2)
Defend your innocence

Run for the gate
Disguise yourself
Turn yourself in (life -5, Super honest! Achievement)

Use illusion on yourself (mana 2)
Buy a disguise

Fork over the coin
Haggle for a lower price (gold -1, morale +1)
by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Buy another cloak (gold -1, morale +2)
Leave the market now

Sneak past candlemaker
Ask the candlemaker to see her (Diplomat Achievement)
Charm candlemaker (mana 2)

Say who you are (morale +1)

Try to calm her
Charm her (mana 3)
Subdue her

Stop him in the hall
Cover her with a blanket (life -1)

Question her more
Hit her with firebolt (mana 2)

Snatch the book in the crowd
Cast an illusion (mana 3)

Impersonate a guard (mana 3)
Impersonate Reginold (mana 3)
A double of yourself (mana 3) (mana -3, morale +2)
Gang of violent thugs (mana 3)
by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Attempt to talk to Malah
Go back to kill Kalaak (life -6, morale -3, Breaking Bad achievement)

Flousen your honest friend
Tawn the corrupt
Selaphas the incompetent

Go through gate with a woman (morale +2, mana -1)
Keep some distance

Rely on your cloak (gold -4)
Pose as Darkenel (mana 2)

Keep the cloak on
Reveal yourself

Bribe her (gold 15)
Charm her (mana 2) (mana -2)
Threaten her

Rest (mana +3, life +2, morale +2)
Hurry to find Gorgon

by moshimushi.wordpress.com


if found out of moshimushi, it’s been stolen

Spider Climb spell (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +1)
Stride forward assertively

Burn it! (mana 4)
Charm it (mana 3)
Impersonate a thug (mana 2)
Talk your way in (life -4, morale +2)

Wait and see
Impersonate wererat (mana 2)
Blast them! (mana 4) (mana -4, morale +4)
by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Cut the man down (morale +1, life -2)
Look for the ring on Gorgon

mana +7
life +4

Ask for help somewhat pitifully (life +2, Butt kisser Achievement)
Angrily denounce this injustice!

Escape the dungeon!
Stay put

Go back (mana -1, morale +1)
Leave now

Run down nearest road
Pause for a moment (morale +1)

Attack with dagger
Find help (morale +1)
Stay hidden and watch
Attack with spell (mana 2)

by moshimushi.wordpress.com


if found out of moshimushi, it’s been stol

Knock on the front door
Find a ‘creative’ way in

Look for a secret door (morale +2)
Climb the ivy
Use a spell to climb (mana 2)

Burn it with flamefan (mana 3)
Burn it with flamebolt (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +1)
Let Narissa handle it
Scare it with an illusion (mana 2)

Find a way out now
Hide in one of the rooms

Follow Narissa
Jump through window (mana 1) (life -3, mana -1, morale -2, Cowardly retreat! Achievement)
Convince her to fight downstairs
by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Blast him with lightning (mana 4)
Blast him with firebolt (mana 2)
Attack with dagger
Invite him to possess you (morale +1)

Blast him with lightning (mana 4) (mana -4, morale +4)
Blast him with firebolt (mana 2)
Cut his throat with your dagger

Fight your way out
Find a way out up here

Firebolt her (mana 2)
Cast an illusion (mana 3)
Use fan of flames (mana 4)
Attack with dagger (life -5, morale +3)
by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Ask Narissa to bribe the merchant
Charm merchant (mana 3) (mana -3, morale +1)
Silliness! Just keep running!

Tell her (morale +2)
Remain silent on the matter

Ends with life: 9, mana: 1, gold: 16, morale: 35

Score: 1066 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Completed Volume 2 of Wizard’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Volume 2 of Wizard’s Choice Achievement

V2 Choice Compendium  |  Table of Contents  |  V3 Walkthrough


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