[Lost Alice] Luke Estheim Walkthrough

Updated with Promised Future ending! Walkthrough / guide for Luke Estheim’s route in Lost Alice -Destined Lovers In Wonderland-, in the app Story Jar.

I really like this series! Even some of the “wrong” answers have notable dialogue.

Kyle Knock  |  Table of Contents  |  .

Lost Alice - Luke Estheim.png

Starts with 0/60 hearts.
Choose all +2 choices for Photos 1 to 15.


Chapter 1

Thank you (+2)
You didn’t call me Alice. (+0)
What are you doing here? (+1)


Chapter 2

+ Photos 1 & 2

I’m not Alice! (+2)
Am I Alice? (+0)
Please explain it to me. (+1)


Chapter 3moshimushi.wordpress.com

Sweet Story ◇15 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)

That’s enough! (+0)
Stop fighting over me! (+2)
That is a tea party. (+1)


Chapter 4

I’ll take your advice. (+2)
I know, but it bothers me… (+1)
Why are they so interested? (+0)


Chapter 5

I chose Luke. (+2)
I don’t trust you. (+1)
Your duty isn’t my concern. (+0)


Chapter 6

+ Photo 3

I’ll be counting on you then. (+1)
I still don’t want to forget. (+2)
… (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 7

What is he hiding? (+0)
Luke must have his reasons. (+2)


Chapter 8

That wasn’t very nice. (+1)
Are you all right? (+2)
I was worried about you. (+0)


Chapter 9

+ Photos 4 & 5 (kiss hair)

If you insist on leaving… (+1)
Don’t worry, I won’t try anything. (+2)
Won’t you be lonely at night? (+0)

Sweet Story ◇20 (+2) (teaser: sharing a bed)
Normal Story (+0)


Chapter 10moshimushi.wordpress.com

You must really like tea parties. (+1)
You really do have a sweet tooth. (+2)
Do you ever drink coffee? (+0)


Chapter 11

There are a lot of exciting things going on lately. (+1)
Of course I want to go home, but… (+2)
There’s no use worrying. (+0)


Chapter 12

Please be my friend. (+0)
You mean you want to be friends? (+2)
I already have enough friends. (+1)


Chapter 13

(no choice)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 14

Do you like me? (+1)
You don’t like me? (+0)
I like you. (+2)

I’m fine. (+0)
I’m not really sure. (+2)
I’d like to rest a little… (+1)

+ Photos 6 & 7 (Airis leaning on Luke)


Chapter 15

Who are you? (+0)
What’s going on? (+1)
…I’m sorry. (+2)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 16

+ Photos 8 & 9 (fighting back to back)

Thanks for coming for me. (+2)
I was so afraid… (+0)
There’s so much I don’t understand. (+1)


Chapter 17

I’m worried about you, Luke. (+1)
Thank you… (+2)
Why? (+0)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 18

+ Photo 10 (kiss)

Sweet Story ◇25 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)

That’s right. (+2)
He came to pick me up. (+0)


Chapter 19

Have a tea party, of course! (+1)
Go to my house… (+2)
Your choice, Luke. (+0)


Chapter 20

What do you know? (+0)
I’ll make it all work out. (+2)
Are you worried about me? (+1)


Chapter 21

(no choice)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 22

Think again if you plan on dying. (+2)
I’ll take care of this. (+1)
What are we going to do…? (+0)

Of course, I trust you. (+2)
I’m doing this for Luke. (+0)
I have nobody else that I can count on. (+1)


Chapter 23

You’re not going to get in my way, right? (+2)
Are you going to help me? (+0)

+ Photo 11 (sink in water)
+ Photo 12 (memory of being with Luke before Wonderland)


Chapter 24

What are you doing here? (+0)
I missed you… (+2)
I remembered everything. (+1)

Sweet Story ◇40 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)


Chapter 25moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 13 (Airis resting against Luke)

I want to go back. (+1)
I don’t know. (+2)
I want to be with you, Luke. (+0)


Chapter 26

What I did was wrong. (+2)
My memories belong to me. (+1)
I can’t trust you. (+0)


Chapter 27 (end)

Seems like there are 3 endings, I’ve gotten 2 so far, will update with the 3rd once I figure out how many hearts it needs:

Lost Alice_Luke_Destined Love.png

Destined Love *mature warning*
(Ended with 54/60 hearts)

+ Photo 14 & 15 (kiss on bed)

Airis decided to confront The Spinner of Tales before leaving, because not doing so felt like she was running away, “My tale is mine to create!” He left, and along with him went his influence, thus freeing Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts saw Luke and Airis off as they jumped into the mirror.

Appearing in Airis’ room, Luke proposed to Airis and she accepted, confessing that she loved him ever since they were little. He straightforwardly said he wants to be one with her… you can imagine the rest.

They returned to Wonderland and met the twins, Joker and Sidd who were waiting for them at Alice’s House. The couple announced their engagement and they decided to have a tea party with the other Wonderland people.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Luke Estheim Promised Future.png

Promised Futuremoshimushi.wordpress.com
(Ended with 34/60 hearts)

They went through the mirror, arrived in the Real World and were getting lovey-dovey when Joker and the Queen of Hearts interrupted them (they hopped through the mirror too). Everyone was safe and with Luke by her side, she had nothing to fear. The Spinner of Tales didn’t show himself after that day so Wonderland was unbound by the rules.

Time skipped, they were having a tea party in Wonderland with everyone. Owen asked if this was really what she wanted, “to continue dreaming even after waking up”. Airis replied that both worlds were precious to her and she wouldn’t forget Wonderland.

+ Photo 16 (smiling Airis, Luke, Joker, twins at the tea party)

When the Queen of Hearts arrived and everyone was distracted, Luke stole a kiss from Airis.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Lost Alice_Luke_Broken Heart.png

Broken Heart
(Ended with 15/60 hearts. Anything below 15 should also work.)

Airis hesitated to leap into the mirror, causing her to get caught by the Spinner of Tales. Her memories of Luke and the real world were erased and she continued to live in Wonderland as Alice.

Kyle Knock  |  Table of Contents  |  .


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