[Lost Alice] Kyle Knock Walkthrough

UPDATED with Promised Future ending! Walkthrough / guide for Kyle Knock’s route in Lost Alice -Destined Lovers In Wonderland-, in the app Story Jar.

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Lost Alice - Kyle Knock.png

Starts with 0/58 hearts.
Choose all +2 choices for Photos 1 to 13.


Chapter 1

Don’t tease me. (+1)
Waiting…? (+2)
I want to be left alone. (+0)


Chapter 2

+ Photos 1 & 2 (Tail, tail!!!)

What was that all about? (+0)
What did you mean by the Cheshire Cat’s duty? (+1)
… Thank you. (+2)


Chapter 3moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 3

I think I’ll take you up on your offer. (+1)
…Do you promise not to try anything? (+0)
Absolutely not! (+2)


Chapter 4

Sweet Story ◇15 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)

Thanks. (+0)
But it’s your sweet-dream room, isn’t it? (+1)
May I borrow your sofa? (+2)


Chapter 5

+ Photo 4 (embrace)

It’s partly my fault, too. (+2)
You should take a lesson from him, Kyle! (+1)
What are you doing here, Luke? (+0)


Chapter 6

Why don’t you be as mean as you like? (+2)
Don’t tease me so much. (+0)


Chapter 7

Do whatever you want. (+2)
Mind your own business, okay? (+1)
What about Luke? (+0)


Chapter 8

I want to clear the air. (+2)
Are you hiding something from me? (+1)
…… (+0)


Chapter 9

He’s very annoying. (+0)
We seem to be stuck together. (+2)
We get along fine, I suppose… (+1)


Chapter 10moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 5 (Kyle’s magic)

Is what you said true? (+1)
You betrayed me? (+0)
I’ll never forgive you. (+2)


Chapter 11

Sweet Story ◇20 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)

… (+0)
That’s not it at all. (+2)
Can’t I be depressed? (+1)


Chapter 12

+ Photo 6 (Kyle holding the unstable Airis)

It was my fault. (+2)
Nobody was at fault. (+1)
Did you know about this, Kyle? (+0)


Chapter 13

+ Photo 7 (hug)


Chapter 14

Because I’m beautiful? (+2)
Because we both have thorns? (+1)
Thank you… (+0)


Chapter 15

I knew you would come right away (+2)
I just wanted to say thanks (+1)
I was in the mood for sweets (+0)


Chapter 16

That doesn’t scare me. (+0)
But you’re on my side, right? (+2)
I still wanted to tell you. (+1)


Chapter 17

I have wondered (+2)
Never crossed my mind (+0)


Chapter 18

That’s ridiculous! (+0)
Kyle’s existence is important. (+2)
Just who is this Spinner of Tales? (+1)

Sweet Story ◇25 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)


Chapter 19

I can’t leave you behind. (+1)
I don’t want to be apart from you. (+2)
I’m still afraid… (+0)


Chapter 20

+ Photo 8 & 9 (hold cheek, kiss)

I can finally go home! (+0)
But I’m still not ready… (+2)


Chapter 21

Sweet Story ◇40 (+2)
Normal Story (+0)


Chapter 22

You’re coming with me! (+0)
Don’t give up! (+2)
Trust me! (+1)

Where am I?! (+0)
I have to go back to Wonderland! (+1)
Where’s Kyle…? (+2)


Chapter 23

What are you doing in the Real World? (+1)
How can I get back to Wonderland? (+0)
I want to save Kyle! (+2)


Chapter 24

+ Photos 10 & 11

Don’t look back. (+2)
We need to think about this… (+1)
What should we do? (+0)


Chapter 25moshimushi.wordpress.com

I can’t go with you (+0)
I’m not your Alice (+2)

Let’s start our new tale together. (+2)
I’m glad you’re safe. (+1)
What should we do now…? (+0)


Chapter 26

(no choice)


Chapter 27 (end)

Lost Alice - Kyle Destined Love.png

Destined Love *suggestive*
(Ended with 48/58 hearts, anything higher should work too.)

Airis told Kyle they were no different from each other, even if he was born from a tale. In that case, could he go to the Real World? Kyle casually proposed, saying he didn’t want to be apart from her. Teasing her with a kiss, he elicited a yes to his proposal.

Airis guided Kyle around the Real World and when they get back to her house, they told each other welcome home. They returned to Wonderland for the afternoon because Owen wanted to see the RW’s chess sets, but Kyle got jealous and forced her onto the bed.

+ Photos 12 & 13 (bed)

“You’re not going to be able to get out of bed when I’m done.”

(moshi: Don’t worry, it’s consensual.)

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Kyle Knock Promised Future.png

Promised Future
(Ended with 35/58 hearts)

Airis woke up on her bed in the Real World after going through the mirror, in Kyle’s arms. Kyle used magic to hide his ears and change his outfit to something more suitable for the Real World.

Time skipped to being back in Wonderland, Kyle was playing chess with Owen while Airis, the Queen of Hearts and the Duchess chatted. They spoke of how Kyle changed, abandoning his role as the Cheshire Cat for Airis. Embarrassed, Airis changed the subject to the other girls’ love lives.

The twins arrived, throwing a giant water balloon at Airis to “spice things up”. Kyle arrived in time to take the hit for Airis. walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 14 (wet Kyle)

“I only want to spice things up when we’re alone.” Kyle dried himself with a spell (to Airis’ disappointment) and promptly kissed her in front of everyone.

Although a lot changed without the Spinner of Tales, the couple loved the new Wonderland. Together, they would live in both worlds, creating the future one step at a time.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Lost Alice - Kyle Broken Heart.png

Broken Heart
(Ended with 16/58 hearts. Anything below should also work.)

The Spinner of Tales appeared as Airis and Kyle were going through the mirror between worlds, saying his tale was ruined and he needed to start over. Then Airis started saying similar things, to Kyle’s surprise.

The scene changed and Airis was back in the real world, writing “A tale with no end” after erasing the Cheshire Cat. The thought of that made her feel odd for a moment, but she ignored it and continued to write.

.  |  Table of Contents  |  Luke Estheim


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