[Ninja Assassin+] Aoi Choices

Guide / list of choices for Aoi, the hairdresser’s route. The Story Jar app version.

Really don’t know what MC was doing. Openly revealing yourself to an opponent stronger than you and then needing someone else to save you. ==;;; What happened to assassination?

Soji  |  Table of Contents  |  Sion

Total cost for ALL diamond choices is 200.
Only Photos 1, 5 and 6 can be obtained with just free choices.

Ninja Assassin+ Aoi.png

Free choices give 3 hearts each, paid choices 7.

Chapter 1

I don’t know…
I don’t mind… ◇5

+ Photo / CG 1 (combing hair)

I’ll sleep on the floor. ◇5
Is that a problem?


Chapter 2

Let’s go! ◇5
You don’t have to.

How long are you going to hold my hand? ◇5


Chapter 3

I’ll be in the way.
Are you sure? ◇5

But I thought… ◇8
Why not?


Chapter 4

I stopped Aoi ◇8
I stopped Ichika

I understand ◇8


Chapter 5

Okay… ◇8 (*for Photo 2)
It won’t work.

Nice to meet you…
Please stop. ◇8

+ Photo 2 (confronting Willem)


Chapter 6

I’m not sure ◇12

Like a little sister…? ◇12
Am I that stupid?


Chapter 7

Yes… ◇12

Are you saying… ◇12
You know me well.


Chapter 8

That makes me happy… ◇12
It’s for work

He touched my hand. ◇15
No, nothing…


Chapter 9

What do you mean?
But I’m always with you… ◇15

I’m actually scared ◇15
I’m just excited


Chapter 10moshimushi.wordpress.com

I held his hand ◇15
I stayed silent

+ Photo 5 (ninja Soji in action)
+ Photo 6 (ninja Sion in action)

I’m about to
No, I won’t ◇15


Chapter 11 (end)

Moshi: I’m honestly not invested in this route enough to replay it for other endings atm (may update with the Happy End, but it’s far from top priority), so… For Soji’s route, I ended with 76 for Happy End and 112/140 for Sweet, if anyone wants to use that as reference for this.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Normal Ending
(60/140 hearts, a.k.a. choose all free choices.)

Aoi and Yui left the vigilante business behind them, to the group’s approval. They set up a shop selling hairpins made by Aoi, who continued his hairdressing at night. Yachiyo (Chihiro’s friend) dropped by to buy a hairpin and chatted with them.

Aoi proposed, and they decided to marry the following month. Later in the evening, they were going to kiss when someone interrupted them (again!) It was Sion, bringing bad news. Soji was injured by a bullet with the thorned peony pattern that Willem’s gun had.

Yui proposed that Aoi rejoin the group for this new case, despite knowing their wedding will be delayed. “I’ll spend my whole life supporting you in whatever you choose! So please, do what you believe is right!”

Soji  |  Table of Contents  |  Sion


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