[Ninja Assassin+] Soji Walkthrough

Walkthrough / guide for Soji (Sasaki Sojiro)’s route. The Story Jar app version. The first time I saw “Soji” I thought it was going to be some shinsengumi + ninja thing

.  |  Table of Contents  |  Aoi

Total cost for ALL diamond choices is 200 (if that sounds daunting, good news is you don’t need every single one for Sweet End)
Only Photos 1, 4, 5 and 6 can be obtained with just free choices.

Ninja Assassin+ Soji.png

Free choices give 3 hearts each, paid choices 7.

Chapter 1moshimushi.wordpress.com

I’ll give it my best! ◇5
I suppose you’re right.

+ Photo / CG 1 (Soji breaking things down to MC)

I was scared ◇5
I wasn’t scared


Chapter 2

Don’t tell me… ◇5
Is it work?

Maybe… ◇5
Not at all


Chapter 3moshimushi.wordpress.com

Yes ◇5

I didn’t do anything ◇8
I did? Really?


Chapter 4

Oh, you’re talking about work.
Thanks for your concern. ◇8

With Soji ◇8
With everyone


Chapter 5moshimushi.wordpress.com

What do you think? ◇8 (*for Photo 2)
Does it look funny?

I’m sorry ◇8
I didn’t mean to…

+ Photo 2 (“Give me your hand”)


Chapter 6moshimushi.wordpress.com

You first
I had fun ◇12 (*for Photo 3)

It’s too dangerous!
I’m going with you ◇12

+ Photo 3 (at throat)


Chapter 7

Thanks ◇12
I’m so embarrassed

I’ll be okay.
I do too. ◇12


Chapter 8moshimushi.wordpress.com

I’m sorry.
I was trying to wake you. ◇12

I came with Sion.
I wanted to come. ◇15


Chapter 9

+ Photo 4 (holding close)

Okay. ◇15

+ Photo 5 (ninja Aoi in action)
+ Photo 6 (ninja Sion in action)

Dangerous or not… ◇15
Then what shall we do?


Chapter 10moshimushi.wordpress.com

Okay! ◇15
I can’t…

It wasn’t Soji’s fault! ◇15
Willem is…

*note: ryō is a currency unit of gold


Chapter 11 (end)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Sweet Ending *mature warning*
(Ended with 112/140 hearts)

The couple visited Yui’s parents’ grave, and Soji asked them for her hand in marriage. They left the vigilantes with Kinshiro’s blessing.

The wedding was held at Kyokatei and Yui wore a white kimono given by Sion and a crane hairpin by Aoi. She lost her parents but gained friends in their place. Meanwhile, Soji thanked Kinshiro, confessing that he was the closest thing to family he had, before Aoi led Yui out for the ceremony.

That evening, they consummated for the first time (he had vowed not to do so before marriage).

Yui lived as a housewife, helping out Kyokatei at times. She welcomed Soji home and got eaten up (consensual).

+ Photo 8 (pre-snu-snu)

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
If found elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Happy Ending *suggestive*
(Ended with 76/140 hearts)

+ Photo 7 (gentle smile)

Kinshiro disbanded the vigilantes, wanting everyone to live normal lives and maybe settle down. After that, Aoi brought Soji and Yui to the bridge, a place he and Soji frequented before Kinshiro took them in. The guys had a bit of a heart-to-heart talk.

One year passed before Soji mentioned marriage; he’d been waiting for the anniversary of her parents’ death. Then they get lovey-dovey and do the stuff couples do…

Time skip, wedding plans were in progress. One day, Kinshiro called the group to Kyokatei and pleaded to temporarily resurrect the vigilantes for another difficult revenge case and naturally they decided to help out, though Soji kinda asked Yui for permission first (they had to postpone their wedding). Everyone got their weapons back, including Yui, to Soji’s surprise. She wasn’t going to let the culprit get away!

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Normal Ending
(60/140 hearts, a.k.a. choose all free choices.)

They loved each other and decided to stay together but instead of being stuck waiting for Soji all day, Yui continued to be a vigilante. She honed her acting and sword skills to “help out more people who are suffering” like she did.

Small scene of her waking Soji up and how their relationship had changed since. He pulled her down to bed with him, wanting more, but she rejected saying he had work. She compensated with kisses before sending him off like a wife. A bit of outsider perspective from Aoi who witnessed the scene and spoke to Yui about Soji.

It ended off with the mention of a new case where a courtesan was murdered with a bullet possibly connected to Willem and the group decided to go after him.

.  |  Table of Contents  |  Aoi


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