[Ninja Assassin+] Sion Walkthrough

Walkthrough / guide for Sion, second son of the leading merchant house, Iseya. Story Jar app version.
It’s quite nice having the alternate POVs here, which we didn’t really get in Aoi and Sion’s routes.

Aoi  |  Table of Contents  |  .

Total cost of ALL diamond choices is 200.
Only Photos 1, 3, 5 and 6 can be obtained with just free choices.

Ninja Assassin+ Sion.png

Free choices give 3 hearts each, paid choices 7.

Chapter 1

But I’m not…!
Thank you. ◇5

+ Photo / CG 1 (pat head)

I’m not sure if I can do that ◇5


Chapter 2

I’m fine here, really ◇5
Thank youmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Well, if that’s just it…
I’m sorry, I can’t ◇5


Chapter 3

You want me to come? ◇5
Of course!

Thank you
I don’t need it ◇8


Chapter 4

Yes, I’m fine ◇8 (*for Photo 2)

+ Photo 2 (smiling Kinshiro and Sion)

Okay… ◇8
No, I’m fine.


Chapter 5

I think it’s just your imagination ◇8
Yeah, maybe you’re right

I can’t accept this ◇8
Thank youmoshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 6

+ Photo 3 (holding hairpin)

I don’t know what you’re talking about
Yes, I know him ◇12

That doesn’t make me happy ◇12
Thank you


Chapter 7moshimushi.wordpress.com

I’m okay ◇12
I was so scared

Just before… ◇12
Never mind!


Chapter 8

That’s not the problem! ◇12
Well, I guess you’re right…?

Yes, I did. ◇15
No, of course not.


Chapter 9moshimushi.wordpress.com

No, it isn’t.
Yeah, I guess… ◇15

I feel the same way as you, Sion
It’s fine ◇15


Chapter 10moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 5 (ninja Soji in action)
+ Photo 6 (ninja Aoi in action)

What you’re feeling… ◇15 (*for Photo 4)
That’s not good!

I’m sorry… ◇15
There was nothing we could do

+ Photo 4 (hold head)


Chapter 11 (end)

Sweet Endingmoshimushi.wordpress.com
(Ended with 108/140 hearts)

The couple went to see a play, after which Sion teased Yui, pretending to be jealous of the actors when she praised them.

Although he intended to continue the underground stuff, he wanted her to quit the vigilantes to stay out of danger, and to wait for him at home with a smile. She agreed on one condition: that he promised to always come home for her.

After Yui informed the team of her decision, Sion confessed (wicked smile and threat attached) to feeling slightly better, because everyone there liked her, right? The guys gave sloppy denials and Yui remained as clueless as ever.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Time skipped to the couple hard at work at Iseya, when Sion’s father called for them. Liking Sion’s recent work ethic, he wanted to hand over both businesses and retire. Sion unhesitatingly refused with several reasons, including his wish to continue as a vigilante and enjoying couple life with Yui.

Another time skip, Sion came back late and tired, and the worried Yui pounced on him!

+ Photo 8 (straddle)moshimushi.wordpress.com

After reassuring her, he buried his head in her bosom, to her embarrassment. He teased her about feeling so when he’d seen it so many times already. Cue the adult stuff and dirty talk. After the deed, they promised to marry each other in the future.

If found outside of moshimushi.wordpress.com, this has been stolen.

Happy Ending
(Anything from 76 to 100/140 hearts)

Sion was teasing Yui when they got called to see his father, who announced his intention to retire and pass the businesses to Sion. Sion rejected and left the room, presumably because inheriting Iseya was his brother’s dream.

Yui went after Sion. Besides feeling guilty about Shinobu, he was also worried about meeting expectations but Yui assured him.

They visited Shinobu’s grave on her request, and bumped into Soji and Ichika along the way. Yui tried to let go of Sion’s hand in embarrassment but he didn’t let her. After some banter, Sion decided to succeed his father and marry Yui. They kissed in the middle of the street.

+ Photo 7 (kiss)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Time skipped to the happy married life. Iseya thrived with Sion as head of Iseya and Yui as the proprietress. Ended with the rumour of vigilantes who may fulfil your request if you go to the temple.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

(60/140 hearts, a.k.a. choose all free choices.)

Wanting to work side by side with Sion, Yui continued with the vigilantes and Iseya. While training her strength by carrying heavy things, Sion came to disrupt help her out. Heikichi and a customer teased them about settling down, and Sion in turn teased Yui about it.

Time skipped, the couple was PDAing when Sion’s father, red in the face from their behaviour, sent them to Kyokatei where Kinshiro informed the whole group of an incoming suspicious freighter from Holland. And like, anything foreign must be Willem-related! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least they gave him the benefit of doubt…

Ended with a scene change to Willem: “Well… Shall we play again?”

Aoi  |  Table of Contents  |  .


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