[Ninja Assassin+] Wakasa Walkthrough

Walkthrough / guide for Wakasa, a doctor with an unusual inclination. Story Jar app version.
Thankfully Story Jar doesn’t have the chibi dress up and other stuff that distract from the story!

2/3 endings done, working on the last.

.  |  Table of Contents  |  Soji

Total cost for ALL diamond choices is 200.
Only Photos 1, 4 and 5 can be obtained with just free choices.

Ninja Assassin+ Wakasa.png

Free choices give 3 hearts each, paid choices 7.

Chapter 1

Of course! ◇5
I’m not sure…

+ Photo / CG 1 (half-hug)

I force myself not to
No, I don’t ◇5


Chapter 2

Doctor Wakasa wouldn’t like it… ◇5
Please stop!

“Stop!” ◇5moshimushi.wordpress.com
What to do…


Chapter 3

I enjoy my job! ◇5 (*for Photo 2)

+ Photo 2 (Wakasa walking in on Soji and Yui)

You’re mistaken! ◇8


Chapter 4

Is that so?
It doesn’t seem to be nothing… ◇8

I’m his assistant
I want to know, too ◇8


Chapter 5

Is that okay?
Please wait! ◇8

You really did!
Not really… ◇8


Chapter 6

No. ◇12 (*for Photo 3)
A little…moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 3 (threaten, cold smile)

I don’t know…
Okay… ◇12


Chapter 7

It’s nothing… ◇12

I don’t understand ◇12
I think that’s good


Chapter 8

We’re not!moshimushi.wordpress.com
Actually… ◇12

I’m fine! ◇15
I’m sorry…


Chapter 9

I think you deceived him…
Your expression is so obvious ◇15

I did. ◇15moshimushi.wordpress.com
N-No, I don’t!


Chapter 10

+ Photo 4 (ninja Soji, side view)
+ Photo 5 (ninjas Aoi & Sion on roof)

But will that work…?
Okay… ◇15 (*for Photo 6)

Not yet…
Yes. ◇15moshimushi.wordpress.com

+ Photo 6 (hug)


Chapter 11 (end)

Sweet Ending
(ended with 112/140 hearts)

“The time we spend together is more important to me than the joy of killing.”

Kinshiro asked Wakasa and Yui to leave the vigilantes because he wants them to live happily and they leave. Wakasa saved someone from the government and received gold which he accepted for his wedding with Yui. They married and thanked Kinshiro.

Before their first night, Wakasa said it was his first time because he split up with every woman he was in a relationship with before they got far.

+ Photo 8 (awkward moment before first night)

After their first night, Yui thought his desire for killing was replaced by his desire for her.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Happy Ending
(76 to 104 hearts)

At the clinic, Wakasa hugged her after the patients left, saying he couldn’t touch her when there were patients to look after. They kissed till Yui got weak in the knees and were about to go onto the next step when Wakasa stopped, to take things slow because he wanted to treat her right and Yui wasn’t ready.

On the way back from a patient visit, they saw an injured man and treated him. He wanted to repay them but they didn’t accept. Later by the river, the couple talked about both sides of Wakasa and Yui said she loved every side of him.

Time skipped, Kinshiro informed them that the man they treated turned out to be the Shogun! He was impressed with Wakasa and wanted him as a court doctor. Wakasa rejected, but was persuaded by Kinshiro and Yui.

+ Photo 7 (lock eyes)moshimushi.wordpress.com

After some conversation, Soji, Aoi and Sion came in and together they celebrated Wakasa’s new job.

Ended with the rumour of vigilantes, including Yui, whom you could seek help from.

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

(60/140 hearts, a.k.a. choose all free choices.)

Yui decided to continue with the vigilantes to support Wakasa.

Time skipped, the couple hung out with the villagers at the clinic, who came even when they weren’t ill because they liked Yui and Wakasa. After they left, Wakasa confessed that being with Yui brought him so much peace that it repressed his joy of killing. He hadn’t thought about killing for a long time and wanted to wash his hands off vigilante work. If that time came, Yui would be happy to join him.

Ichika and Soji came by with an injured man with a bullet wound. This might be related to Willem but the truth of the matter would be another story.moshimushi.wordpress.com

.  |  Table of Contents  |  Soji


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