[Wolf’s Bane 2] Sinful Beauty Walkthrough

Clues and answers for Wolf’s Bane 2. Ada is back with another mystery! GameJolt (download). Kongregate (web).

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  • Go right
  • Talk to Receptionist with money selected

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Collect clues
Note: Talk to the characters with your clue deselected before discussing clues with him/her. This will allow you to collect their profiles as well. 

1. Dead body about Incident Report (select the clue first)

  • Suffocation (+ Janitor’s Death)

2. Open book, on the table left of Janitor, about Incident Report (+ Special Event)

3. Fallen candelabra to the right of the table about Incident Report

  • The Candelabra (+ update)

4. Plant down the stairs and to the left, next to a mirror

  • Accelerant (+ Arson?)moshimushi.wordpress.com

5. Bin behind the white table about Arson?

  • Business Expense (+ update)

6. Receptionist in front of the stairs about Special Event

  • Against (+ update)

7. Book on glass table to the right

  • Pamphlet (+ Museum of Art)

8. Curator, north of glass table, about Special Event

  • Appraiser (+ update)

9. Curator about Janitor’s Death

  • Faithfulness (+ update)

10. Curator about Museum of Art (+ update)
11. Receptionist about Museum of Art (+ update)

12. Duke about Arson?

  • Accelerant (+ update)

13. Duke about Janitor’s Death

  • Put Out (+ update)

14. Duke, to the right, about Incident Report

  • Save (+ update)

15. Interact with Duke once ready

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com


  • Candelabra
  • Accelerant
  • Receipt
  • Janitor


  • six
  • Special Event
  • Appraiser
  • motive
  • Heart attackmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Master Gepett.0

  • Statues
  • Rosa
  • Every Year
  • week
  • Bottom floor

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