[Aura Kingdom 2] Leona Interaction Answers

Main Menu > Eidolon > Eidolons > Leona > Interact > ?

Choices that increases affinity by +1

Valk  |  Table of Contents  |  Rebecca


According to the others, what did I have a talent for?

After the destruction of Meteor Town, I decided to…
Join the army.

At what level may a guild register for Guild War?

Do you know what I don’t like the others call me?

Do you know what the others and I were traveling for?
Holy Stones Magic

Do you know why I like apples?
Because Serville often gave you apples

Even at the cost of my own life, I’m happy that I destroyed…
Green Dragon Peladika

How many heroes were there when the War of the Stones ended?

I and Serville, who confessed to the other first?
You said it was Serville

There’s a dish I really wish to have again…
Bab’s Apple Pie

What’s my favorite food?

What’s the most delicious food in this world?
Bab’s Apple Pie

What’s the name of my bow?
Dragon Bow

What’s the name of the other person that lives in Kiki?

What’s the name of the town destroyed by the Green Dragon?
Meteor Town

What’s the nickname I gave to Babacks?

What I’m talented in?

What are the restriction on Commission Quests?
Can’t abandon the quests

What can cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood
Delicious Food

What did I pick up after joining the military?

What did Serville give me as a gift?
A Pedant

What do I like the most?
Delicious Food

What did I think of Serville the first time I met him?
Shiny as stars

What dungeons have time restrictions?
Timed Dungeon

What is Meteor Town for me?

What kind of person the King of Meteor Fort was?
A good king who cared about his people.

What nickname did I get from my brothers and sisters in arms?
Avenging Star

What Serville often gave me as gifts?

What weapon I’m best at?

When did I pick up my archery skills?
After joining the military

When did Serville and I met the first time?
When Serville was on a rescue mission to Meteor Town.

Where’s your first destination after leaving the Frontline Fortress?
Blackanchor Bay

Where are Cluttered Stones?
Maple Stg.

Where did I get my nickname Avenging Star from?

Where did I get this pendant of mine?
From Serville

Where do I come from?
Another World

Where is my hometown?
Meteor Town

Where is Sunrise Academy?
Res. Sanctum

Where is Whitewood Forest?
Meteor Plains

Which dish of Bab do I like the most?
Apple Pie

Which King of Meteor Fort did I know?

Who’s Bab?

Who’s the person I’m into?

Who adopted me after I came to this world?
Lisa and Ryan

Who are Lisa and Ryan?
Your adoptive parents

Who is Milo?
King of Meteor Fort

Who is responsible for the destruction of Meteor Town?
Green Dragon Peladika

Who saved me after the destruction of Meteor Town?

Whose lair has the Meteor Town Relics become?

Valk  |  Table of Contents  |  Rebecca


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