[Dragon Raja] Story Personality Choices (Prologue to Chapter 4)

(~) – no personality change

Increase in certain personalities will decrease its opposite. Eg. Anti-social – Vibrant, Realistic – Romantic, Chaos – Justice, Potent Man – Healing, Hotblooded – Cutie


That… I haven’t woken up yet (~)
Agh… I completely forgot (~)

Is this okay? I’m worried… (Healing +20)
Understand (Anti-social +20)
Are you sure? Director will be angry (Realistic +20)
Oh, okay…

Note: If you skip the beginner tutorial, you’ll miss the rest of this chapter’s choices

I don’t know (Cutie +20)
The Director is a good guy
The Director is a bad guy (Realistic +20)

Save Anton (Justice +20)
Don’t save Anton (Chaos +20)moshimushi.wordpress.com


Chapter 1 – Gate of Cassell

Be safe, Senpai! We’ll wait here (Healing +5)
Leave those vermin to me! (Hot-blooded +5)

If Be safe
I’ll keep an eye on him (Healing +5)
The odds are so low

If Leave those vermin
When you’re in danger in the future
Your valor in battles (Romantic +5)

What’s wrong, Luminous? (Healing +20)
Their relationship makes us envious! (Romantic +20)



Chapter 2 – Mafia Tyrant

Fight (Conqueror +20)
Peace (healing +20)

It’s better to go solo (anti-social +20)
Let me follow Ms. Yabuki to protect her (healing +20)

Fighting is romance to an agent! (Conqueror +20)
What? Isn’t there a way around it? (Cutie +20)

A lot of ingredients? (Curious Baby +20)
It looks suspicious (anti-social +20)



Chapter 3 – Sea of Legends

Repair might make it (Romantic +20)
The Airlock must be cut off (Realistic +20)

Saving people is my job! (Vibrant +20)
You should go save them (Anti-social +20)

Can’t shut it down! (Potent Man +20)
Don’t worry, I’ll shut down (Healing +20)

I was saved by a mermaid
At least I’m not dead (Realistic +20)
Nothing will happen to me (Hotblooded +20)
Don’t worry about it

see this guide outside of moshimushi? it’s been stolen


Chapter 4 – Crime and Punishment

No one gets in my way! (Potent Man +20)
I don’t want to do this (Healing +20)
Fighting is the way to go! (Conqueror +20)
Is there a way around it…?

Another part-time job?
Hey, you are Ms. Makoto Asou? (Cutie +20)
I remember” Why is Miss Asou here? (Vibrant +20)
Why are you here? (Anti-social +20)

Staying here is the best option
I’ll stay here with you! (Hipster +20)
Are you good by yourself? (Curious Baby +20)
I won’t let you go back by yourself! (Potent Man +20)

We should contact EVA (Realistic +20)
We must get back (Potent Man +20)

We’re being closely watched! (~)
If only I were stronger (~)

I’m quite the mixologist! (Vibrant +20)
I’m going to go test the bar tender’s skill! (Hipster +20)

I know the customer! (Potent Man +20)
I’m good looking! (Hipster +20)

We’re not coward! Come on! (Potent Man +20)
Everybody can gain 50% off discount (Realistic +20)

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