[Dragon Raja] Story Personality Choices (Prologue to Chapter 4)

(~) – no personality change

Increase in certain personalities will decrease its opposite. Eg. Anti-social – Vibrant, Realistic – Romantic, Chaos – Justice, Potent Man – Healing, Hotblooded – Cutie

Repeatable Personality Choices  |  Table of Contents  |  Chapter 5 to 8


That… I haven’t woken up yet (~)
Agh… I completely forgot (~)

Is this okay? I’m worried… (Healing)
Understand (Anti-social)
Are you sure? Director will be angry (Realistic)
Oh, okay… (Cutie)

Note: If you skip the beginner tutorial, you’ll miss the rest of this chapter’s choices

I don’t know (Cutie)
The Director is a good guy (Healing)
The Director is a bad guy (Realistic)

Save Anton (Justice)
Don’t save Anton (Chaos )moshimushi.wordpress.com

Destroy the power box (~)
Pull the power switch (~)


Chapter 1 – Gate of Cassell

Be safe, Senpai! We’ll wait here (Healing)
Leave those vermin to me! (Hotblooded)

If Be safe
I’ll keep an eye on him (Healing)
The odds are so low (Realistic)

If Leave those vermin
When you’re in danger in the future (Hotblooded)
Your valor in battles (Romantic)

What’s wrong, Luminous? (Healing)
Their relationship makes us envious! (Romantic)



Chapter 2 – Mafia Tyrant

Fight (Conqueror)
Peace (healing)

Gen Butler (~)
Inuyama Clan Servitor (~)
Shinoki Fuma (~)

It’s better to go solo (anti-social)
Let me follow Ms. Yabuki to protect her (healing)

Fighting is romance to an agent! (Conqueror)
What? Isn’t there a way around it? (Cutie)

Note: If you skip the free explore, you’ll miss the rest of this chapter’s choice

A lot of ingredients? (Curious Baby)
It looks suspicious (anti-social)



Chapter 3 – Sea of Legends

Repair might make it (Romantic)
The Airlock must be cut off (Realistic)

Saving people is my job! (Vibrant)
You should go save them (Anti-social)

Can’t shut it down! (Potent Man)
Don’t worry, I’ll shut down (Healing)

I was saved by a mermaid (Cutie)
At least I’m not dead (Realistic)
Nothing will happen to me (Hotblooded)
Don’t worry about it (Anti-social)

see this guide outside of moshimushi? it’s been stolen


Chapter 4 – Crime and Punishment

No one gets in my way! (Potent Man)
I don’t want to do this (Healing)
Fighting is the way to go! (Conqueror)
Is there a way around it…? (Curious baby)

We should avoid conflicts (~)
We have to save them! (~)

Another part-time job? (Healing)
Hey, you are Ms. Makoto Asou? (Cutie)
I remember” Why is Miss Asou here? (Vibrant)
Why are you here? (Anti-social)

Staying here is the best option (Realistic)
I’ll stay here with you! (Hipster)
Are you good by yourself? (Curious Baby)
I won’t let you go back by yourself! (Potent Man)

We should contact EVA (Realistic)
We must get back (Potent Man)

We’re being closely watched! (~)
If only I were stronger (~)

I’m quite the mixologist! (Vibrant)
I’m going to go test the bar tender’s skill! (Hipster)

If you chose mixologist
Don’t you mortals speak ill of my senior brother! (Hotblooded)
Overlooking an offense is one’s glory (Realistic)

I know the customer! (Potent Man)
I’m good looking! (Hipster)

We’re not coward! Come on! (Potent Man)
Everybody can gain 50% off discount (Realistic)

Repeatable Personality Choices  |  Table of Contents | Chapter 5 to 8


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