[Dragon Raja] Repeatable Personality Changes

Thanks anon for the coffee!!

Random events choices. Increase in certain personalities will decrease its opposite. Eg. Anti-social – Vibrant, Realistic – Romantic, Chaos – Justice

Prologue to Chapter 4 Choices  |  Table of Contents

Crazy Adventure

Talk to Clumsy Student [Poverty Choices]
I’m broke, too! (Healing -3)
Alright, here’s 100 Gold (Healing +3)

Choose the right Eva
Both are fake! (Focus +3)
Eva on the right is real! (Cutie +3)
Eva on the left is real! (Cutie +3)

Help the passerby torn between two things
Sushi (hipster +3)
Curry (vibrant +3)



Yours? I didn’t see your name on it
Sorry. I didn’t notice you were there…

If you picked “Yours?”
A blackmail? Do I look afraid of you? (Justice +1, Conqueror +1)
Alright. I’m going somewhere else

If “Sorry. I didn’t notice” or “Alright. I’m going”
Give protection fee (-500 Gold, Hipster +1)
Fight back! (Justice +1, Conqueror +1)


Picking up garbage (3 chances daily)

Read the document (Curious Baby +3, document)
Ignore the abandoned document (Anti-social +3)
Give it to Execution Department Agent (Vibrant +3, Gold +500)



Open it right now (+ 1000 gold or minus HP etc)
Put it away and investigate later (+ Alchemy item)
Have Finger take a look at it? (+ Alchemy item)


Buy drink from the walking vending machine (3 chances daily)

Near the basketball court at Cassell College, moves from around 284 427 to 265 460

Report to Eva (Gold +100, Justice +2, Vibrant +3)
Walk away (Anti-Social +3)
Repair the vending machine (Romantic +3)
Shake the vending machine (Realistic +3)


The Brain, King of Gossip

Chance of Focus +1


Steal Food

from Food Stands, one is at Chizuru 122 171

Chaos +1 when successful


Star of Cassel

Focus +1 when your vote is the winner


Well of Bones

Chance of Justice +1 after boss kill


Limited Time events

Bond Quiz
Focus +5 when answer is right

Prologue to Chapter 4 Choices  |  Table of Contents


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