[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 8 Walkthrough

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Chapter 8 Ranks
1100+ – Azizella, Crusher of Fools
900+ – Beautiful and Clever Monster
750+ – Crafty Demon
600+ – Survivor of the Abyss
<600 – Sad Little Demon

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Chapter 8: A Change of Plans

“My mommy gave it to me.”
“A ghost!” (morale +1)

“I am lost.” (morale +1)
“I work for house Vru’dahir”

(mana -1)

Go for your whip and sword
Engage hand-to-hand (morale +1, life -2 later)
Use your pain spell (mana 2)

(mana -3)
(mana -3)
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Flap into the air
Dive (mana -1)

Take flight
Shoot towards Vhessha with fire fan (mana 3)
Use your whip on Vhessha (morale +1, mana -2 later)

Devryn (morale +1)

Use flame fan (mana 3) (mana -3, morale +1)
Press in with your sword

(life -1)walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Gate in Jack (mana 5)
Take flight and charge Devryn
Cast invisibility (mana 3) (mana -3, morale +2)

Attack from the air
Use a voice illusion (mana 1)

Fool, look out behind you! (morale +1, mana -1, Keep it simple! achievement)
Back to back, we shall fight together!
Do not fear, Gaal shall protect us!

Use your sword (morale +1)
Pain spell (mana 2)
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Punch him
Pain spell (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +3)
Flame fan (mana 3)

(life +3, mana +9)
(mana -2)
(mana -1)
(mana -2)

Use Crugrul to question Sabine
Inspect your new toys (morale +2)

To escape (morale +1)
To lure house agents here
To use the contents of the book

(mana -3)walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

The mirror is forcing you to relive your past
A spell was cast on you, perhaps through the mirror (morale +2)

Run for the forest
Accept your fate with dignity (morale +2)
Speak out on their corruption

I am too skinny
There’s no rush

Learn about dragons (morale +2)
Clean up after you

Go after Svellack (morale +1)
Climb up the cliffs

Motion and pantomime
Shout “That man is the dragon (morale +1)
Throw a rock at Svellack (morale +2, Fun Choice! achievement, morale -4 later)

Inuxius (morale +2)
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
He hunts for me
To slaughter and bring woe
It would be unwise to speculate (morale +1)

Take your time and gather equipment
Work to mount a defense (morale +2)

Take Avice with you
Free Avice (morale +2)

Open the door and kill her (morale +2)
Leave her be

Ends with morale: 36, life: 10, mana: 6
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Score: 1320 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Completed Chapter 8 of Demon’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Chapter 8 of Demon’s Choice Achievement

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