[Dragon Raja] Story Personality Choices (Chapter 5 to 8)

(~) – no personality change

Prologue to Chapter 4  |  Table of Contents  |  Repeatable Personality Choices 

Chapter 5 – Devil Sorrow

Don’t fight. Loser goes to hospital, winner jail (cutie)
In that case, let me crush you (conqueror)

You guys must be tired. Let me guard the door (realistic)
Fire is priority. Off you go! (conqueror)

Why should I trust you?! (potent man)
I’ll trust you this one time (cutie)
You think it’s easy to forget? (potent man)
Try to believe him? (cutie)


Chapter 6 – Kingdom Portrait

What about adding sedative gas to the ventilation? (romantic)
Let them immerse themselves in sweet drinks! (vibrant)
Leave them (anti-social)
I’ll go knock them out (realistic)

Even if he chickens out, we’ll still survive! (healing)
He won’t run. Our bond is as solid as diamond! (hotblooded)
An Emperor won’t break his promise (potent man)
What should we do now? (cutie)

Okay (anti-social)moshimushi.wordpress.com
This navigation system is awesome! (vibrant)
Maybe it’ll just be peaceful the whole time? (romantic)
We two can well handle this (realistic)

Which way should we run? (cutie)
Don’t be scared. I’ll do my best to protect you (healing)
We’re the leading roles. Why fear her?! (hotblooded)
The word “fleeing” is not in my dictionary (potent man)

No problem. I think they make a pair, too! (healing)
I take orders from no one (potent man)
Seven days? You think it’s Genesis? (hotblooded)
Wait… I need a minute (cutie)


Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 – Tokyo Love Story, Summer Dream

Erii is a beautiful girl who needs your care (romantic)
Erii is a ticking nuclear bomb (realistic)

Is she worth a lot? (potent man)
Where have you looked so far? I can help you (healing)

Your Highness, where do you wanna visit incognito? (hotblooded)
It’s dangerous outside (realistic)
How should I say hi (cutie)
Is there somewhere you’d like to go today? (healing)

Fear not. We’ll crush the enemies (~)
Get a haircut? (~)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Luminous says he doesn’t have much money… (realistic)
No problem! I’m the best at spending money! (romantic)


It’s too dangerous (realistic)
How can a princess go to a vulgar place like that! (potent man)
Sounds great! I’ve always wanted to go, too! (cutie)

I’ll have this sausage pizza! (cutie)
A fruit pizza (cutie)
A meatball pizza (focus)
A durian pizza (cutie)

Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan! Where are you? (cutie)
Why didn’t you stay where you were? (potent man)

Then Erii must be with you? (romantic)
Erii isn’t here (realistic)

Nope, they don’t exist (realistic)
It’s been widely used to connect continents (hotblooded)
Probably? (healing)

From a scientific standpoint, it doesn’t exist (realistic)
That’s where baddies go after they die (hotblooded)
Maybe? (healing) moshimushi.wordpress.com

That’s all fiction, you know (realistic)
Yeah. The Earth Federation is still a mess (hotblooded)
I’m not sure… (healing)

That’s not true history (realistic)
District 11 is now an SAR! (hotblooded)
Huh? I don’t know anything about it (healing)

She’s headed to the Ferris Wheel (~)
The reward is mine. Dream on! (~)
Die, thugs! (~)

Luminous senpai is dog-tired (~)
Looks like the princess is in a good mood (~)

I… won’t let him go! (~)
It’s all their fault (~)
He was at Black Swan Bay before (~)
Yes (~)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Say nothing (~)
I don’t know that much… (~)

More allies? Why not? (~)
If we help him, we’ll get involved with thugs (~)

Don’t go (~)
Go (~)moshimushi.wordpress.com

If you chose Go
I loved it! (~)
I had fun on the ferris wheel (~)
Thanks for the present! (~)


After Funfair

No idea (anti-social)moshimushi.wordpress.com
I… I don’t really know (cutie)
They are both foodies (realistic)
They seem to really like the Funfair? (romantic)

Luminous isn’t an idiot (realistic)
Would that work? (healing)
Keep talking (anti-social)
Sounds really romantic (romantic)

You’re dreaming! (anti-social)
You’ll have to walk over my dead body! (hotblooded)
Absolutely impossible! (potent man)
Stupid decision! (realistic)

I’ll recover by tomorrow! (vibrant)
What? Really? (cutie)
Don’t worry (anti-social)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Nothing, just a little tired (realistic)

It’s risky (realistic)
Everything’s fine (romantic)

Is she physically stable? (~)
Is she mentally stable? (~)

She’ll stay calm as long as you’re around (~)
Are you sending her back to the Hydras? (~)

You can’t betray a girl who trusts you! (hotblooded)
If I were you, I wouldn’t pull the trigger (healing)
Erii will be alright as long as you’re with her (romantic)
She has the power to destroy the entire Tokyo (realistic)

I knew you’d follow us (potent man)
Why are you here? (cutie)

You have no right to hurt an ordinary girl! (hotblooded)
I WILL NOT help you harm Erii! (healing)
Erii is no threat at all when she’s with Luminous (romantic)
Luminous would be suspicious of me (realistic)

Thank you, Erii (~)
May I keep this? (~)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Are you nuts? This is a betrayal to the school! (hotblooded)
This means we’re exposed to the Hydras (realistic)
Would the upperclassmen agree to this? (healing)
But, but then (cutie)

Please let Erii go (~)
Would this be alright? (~)

Prologue to Chapter 4  |  Table of Contents  |  Repeatable Personality Choices


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