[Project Star: Makeover Story] Trainee’s Letter Answers

Befriend Manager | Table of Content | Fashion Night Beauty Contest

The +20 Mood answers


Are ACG fans all useless otaku?
This is a personal hobbymoshimushi.wordpress.com

Becoming panicked will only get myself in
They just don’t know

I dream of being a star, but my family
Have a good talk with them

I have a good relationship with my friend
It’s a problem between you two

I have a younger sister
You can make it!moshimushi.wordpress.com

I like video games, but I never senior thinks
Tell him this is your way to relax

I’m destined to be somebody
Come on, in spirit I was here with you!

I’ve never seen such a shining person
Do you need me to give you a signed photo

I’m neither pretty, nor adept at singing
Believe in yourself

It’s too painful to eat only nutritious meals
This problem might be solved

Me, 24 hours on call, I feel so tired now!
Everyone will feel sad sometimes

Paparazzi are really annoying
Paparazzi are a double-edged sword

Someone took my job
Anyway, you need to become an indispensable person

The world in the book is really wonderful
Good idea!

They scolded me today, I feel so wronged! them that I drew 5 seven-star cards
Stop showing offmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What is love? Once I become a star, I will as I want, I really want to fall in love now…
The earlier the better

Yesterday, I had a quarrel with my roomie
Fried Eggs With Tomatoes is salty

Befriend Manager | Table of Content | Fashion Night Beauty Contest

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