[Project Star: Makeover Story] Trainee’s Letter Answers

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The +20 or +40 Mood answers


Are ACG fans all useless otaku?
This is a personal hobbymoshimushi.wordpress.com

Becoming panicked will only get myself in
They just don’t know

Both my strengths and weaknesses are
You’d better decide it based on your development direction

Bravery is a precious moral quality
Reasonable bravery is true bravery

I dream of being a star, but my family
Have a good talk with them

I have a good relationship with my friend
It’s a problem between you two

I have a younger sister
You can make it!moshimushi.wordpress.com

I like video games, but I never senior thinks
Tell him this is your way to relax

I’m a conservative person and don’t like
It’s good to be cautious, but occasionally you can take a risk.

I’m destined to be somebody
Come on, in spirit I was here with you!

I’m neither pretty, nor adept at singing
Believe in yourselfmoshimushi.wordpress.com

I’m not very good at socializing
Personality may have an impact

I’ve become the most well-known star!
Not at all! All dreams are worth speaking out loudly

I’ve never seen such a shining person
Do you need me to give you a signed photo (+40)

It’s too painful to eat only nutritious meals
This problem might be solved

Me, 24 hours on call, I feel so tired now!
Everyone will feel sad sometimes

My eyesight isn’t good
If you can’t see, use your body to remember

My roomie’s work and rest schedules are
Talk with your roomie to set up your work and rest schedule

Paparazzi are really annoying
Paparazzi are a double-edged sword

Potatoes are awesome!
Potatoes are the bestmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Someone took my job
Anyway, you need to become an indispensable person

The world in the book is really wonderful
Good idea! By the way, please prepare the afternoon tea.

They scolded me today, I feel so wronged! them that I drew 5 seven-star cards
Stop showing offmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What is acting? The work of Marcas
Do you need me to give you a signed photo (+40)

What is love? Once I become a star, I will as I want, I really want to fall in love now…
The earlier the better

When someone stares at me
Just think of the audience as potato spinach!

Yesterday, I had a quarrel with my roomie
Fried Eggs With Tomatoes is salty

Befriend Manager | Table of Content | Fashion Night Beauty Contest


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