[Jobmania – Eternal Dungeon] Job Craft (4, 5 star)

Tap the job to change your equipped job or craft jobs. The market sells materials.

Combine job and material to get job. Every job except Jobless is consumable in crafting.

Job Craft (1, 2, 3 star) | Table of Contents

4 star

Grand Dark KnightDark Knight + Dark Spirit
Abyss KnightDark Knight + Hero Medallion
High PaladinPaladin + Light Spirit
GuardianPaladin + Guardian Necklace
Flame ArcherArcher + Fire Spirit
Ice ArcherArcher + Water Spiritmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Forest ArcherArcher + Earth Spirit
Lightning ArcherArcher + Thunder Spirit
Gale ArcherArcher + Wind Spirit
Dragon KnightKnight + Dragon Heart
Samurai MasterSamurai + Master Proof
Dragon LancerDragoon + Dragon Heart
Arcane LancerDragoon + Magic Ring
ValkyrieRoyal Knight + Wind Spirit
AtlantianRoyal Knight + Water Spirit
SuperheroHero + Hero Medallion
SupervillainVillain + Vast Experience
VigilanteVillain + Hero Medallion
Viking HeroViking + Hero Medallion
Dragon TamerViking + Dragon Heart
ThracianGladiator + Vast Experience
BerserkerGladiator + Fallenmoshimushi.wordpress.com
ColonelLieutenant + Chief Necklace
Mercenary LeaderMercenary + Vast Experience
Space MarineSoldier + Space Stone
Pro BoxerBoxer + Secret Training
Warrior MonkMonk + Secret Training
Underground FighterMMA Fighter + Vast Experience
Grand SorcererSorcerer + The Book of Wisdom
Grand SummonerSummoner + Hero Medallion 
WarlockSummoner + Dark Spirit 
ZomancerSummoner + The Book of Wisdom 
PyromancerElementalist + Fire Spirit 
ElectromancerElementalist + Thunder Spirit 
GeomancerElementalist + Earth Spirit 
HydromancerElementalist + Water Spirit  
AeromancerElementalist + Wind Spirit 
LuxmancerElementalist + Light Spirit
UmbramancerElementalist + Dark Spirit
ElemancerElementalist + Vast Experience 
Rune KnightMagic Knight + Elemental Runestones
Star MagusMagus + Vast Experience
BishopHigh Priest + The Book of Wisdom
ProphetHigh Priest + Light Spirit
Battle ClericCleric + Shieldmoshimushi.wordpress.com
ExorcistPriest + Secret Training
DoctorNurse + The Book of Wisdom
Chief NurseNurse + Chief Necklace
Elite ArcherArcher + Secret Training 
Bulls-eyeBowman + Legendary Crest
MusketeerMarksman + Noble Mission
SniperMarksman + Stealth Sense
CannoneerMarksman + Explosive Weapons
Mythical HunterWild Hunter + Aged Scrolls
Beast TamerWild Hunter + Beast Taming Skills
Amazonian HunterWild Hunter + Spear
Pirate QuartermasterPirate + Water Spiritmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Ground RavagerMarauder + Earth Spirit
Storm RaiderSky Bandit + Wind Spirit
Serial KillerPsychopath + Vast Experience
BombermanPsychopath + Explosive Weapons
CultistBlasphemer + Aged Scrolls
WitchBlasphemer + Magic Ring
Ninja JoninNinja + Master Proof
AnbuNinja + Secret Training
Mafia EliteMafia + Vast Experience
HitmanMafia + Stealth Sensemoshimushi.wordpress.com
Suicide BomberTerrorist + Explosive Weapons
AssassinSpy + Secret Training
Famous DetectiveDetective + Vast Experience
Trinity BladerDual Blades + Aged Scrolls
SpellfencerDual Blades + Elemental Runestones
Sky WalkerDual Wielder + Space Stone
Pure MadaoMadao + Secret Training
Creepy Madao Madao + Fallen
Secret Agent Spy + Vast Experience 
Professional Gambler Gamester + Proof of Mastery 

5 star

Demon KnightGrand Dark Knight + Demon Contract
Oblivion KnightAbyss Knight + Phantom Crystal 
Sacred KnightHigh Paladin + The Holy Grail
Elemental GuardianGuardian + Elemental Runestones 
Dragon SlayerDragon Knight + Legendary Crest
ShogunSamurai Master + Chief Necklace
ZantetsukenSamurai Master + Legendary Crest
Phantom LancerArcane Lancer + Phantom Crystal
Inferno LancerArcane Lancer + Fire Spirit
Dragon LordDragon Lord + The Ring of Lord 
The Chosen OneSuper Hero + Philosopher’s Stone
The Big BossSuper Villain + Chief Necklace
Dark HeroVigilante + Legendary Crest
Viking LegendViking Hero + Legendary Crest
Dragon RiderDragon Tamer + Beast Taming Skills
Arena ChampionThracian + Champion Belt
Air Force GeneralColonel + Wind Spirit
Army GeneralColonel + Earth Spirit 
Marine GeneralColonel + Water Spirit 
One Man ArmyMercenary Leader + Legendary Crest
Guardian Of The GalaxySpace Soldier + Guardian Necklace
Boxing ChampionPro Boxer + Champion Belt
Dragon DescendantWarrior Monk + Dragon Heart 
Shaolin MasterWarrior Monk + Master Proof
The King Of FightersUnderground Fighter + Champion Belt
Sorcerer MasterGrand Sorcerer + Master Proof
Barrier MasterGrand Sorcerer + Guardian Necklace
Legendary SummonerGrand Summoner + Legendary Crest 
DracomancerZomancer + Dragon Heart
NecromancerWarlock + Demon Contract
FlaremancerPyromancer + Fire Spirit
FulgurmancerElectromancer + Thunder Spirit
TerramancerGeomancer + Earth Spirit
CryomancerHydromancer + Water Spirit
StormancerAeromancer + Wind Spirit
SolimancerLuxmancer + Light Spirit
LunamancerUmbramancer + Dark Spirit
OmnimancerElemancer + Philosopher’s Stone
Runic EmperorRunes Knight + The Ring Of Lord
Celestial MagusStar Magus + Space Stonemoshimushi.wordpress.com
PopeBishop + The Holy Grail
SeerProphet + The Holy Grail 
OracleProphet + Philosopher’s Stone
SurgeonDoctor + Master Proof 
Herbal SageChief Nurse + Master Proof 
ArcherlordArcher Elite + The Ring Of Lord
SagittariusArcher Elite + Legendary Crest 
HawkeyesBullseye + Hero Medallionmoshimushi.wordpress.com
King’s MusketeerMusketeer + Guardian Necklace
DeadshotSniper + Phantom Crystal
Mega CannoneerCannoneer + Master Proof
Planet DestroyerCannoneer + Space Stone
Monster HunterMyth Hunter + Hero Medallion
Dragon HunterMyth Hunter + Dragon Heart 
Beast LordBeast Tamer + The Ring Of Lord
Pirate CaptainPirate Quartermaster + Chief Necklace
Bandit PrimeGround Ravager + Master Proof
Sky RulerStorm Raider + The Ring Of Lord
Phantom ThiefVigilante + Phantom Crystal
ReaperSerial Killer + Phantom Crystalmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Demon PossessorCultist + Demon Contract 
Grand High WitchWitch + Philosopher’s Stone
HokageNinja Jonin + Fire Spirit
MizukageNinja Jonin + Water Spirit
RaikageNinja Jonin + Thunder Spirit
TsuchikageNinja Jonin + Earth Spirit
KazekageNinja Jonin + Wind Spirit
Anbu LeaderAnbu + Chief Necklace 
The GodfatherMafia Elite + Chief Necklace 
One ShotHitman + Legendary Crestmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Terrorist LeaderTerrorist + Chief Necklace
PhantomAssassin + Phantom Crystal
StarkillerAssassin + Space Stone 
Lightning DetectiveFamous Detective + Thunder Spirit 
Space DetectiveFamous Detective + Space Stone
Infinity BladesTrinity Blades + Phantom Crystal
Omni FencerSpell Fencer + Phantom Crystal
Dark VaderSky Walker + Demon Contract 
Crazed ExorcistExorcist + Demon Contract
Cleric SaintCleric Knight + The Holy Grailmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Grand ValkyrieValkyrie + Hero Medallion 
Ancient AtlantianAtlantian + Hero Medallion 
Berserker WarriorBerserker + Vast Experience
PacifistChief Nurse + The Holy Grail
Amazon WonderAmazon Hunter + Hero Medallion
Amazon PrimeAmazon Hunter + Space Stone
Super BombermanBomberman + Champion Belt
Explosives RangerFlame Archer + Fire Spiritmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Frost RangerIce Archer + Water Spirit
Mountain RangerForest Archer + Earth Spirit
Volt RangerLightning Archer + Thunder Spirit
Sonic RangerArcher + Wind Spirit
World EnderSuicide Bomber + Space Stone
Reincarnated HeroPure Madao + Hero Medallion
Reincarnated Demon Lord Creepy Madao + Demon Contract 
Double Agent Secret Agent + Phantom Crystal 
ChronomancerGrand Sorcerer + Space Stone 
Gore Lover Serial Killer + Demon Contract 
MegalomaniacBerserker + Champion’s Belt
Eldritch ChildCultist + Space Stone
Sultry TemptressWitch + Secret Training
Plague DoctorDoctor + Dark Spiritmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Demon SlayerMythical Hunter + Phantom Crystal
Witch HunterExorcist + Philosopher’s Stone
WitcherMythical Hunter + Secret Training
Mafia PlayerSerial Killer + Stealth Training
PuppeteerNinja Jonin + Beast Taming Skills
TyrantTerrorist + Ring of Lordsmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Tai Chi MasterWarrior Monk + Philosopher’s Stone
Great SageWarrior Monk + Legendary Crest
TitanGuardian + The Holy Grail
DruidBeast Tamer + Earth Spirit
Lord Of GamblersProfessional Gambler + Ring of Lords
Devil HunterMercenary Leader + Demon Contract
Voodoo LordCultist + Vast Experience
The TowerGuardian + Fallen
Trap MasterSecret Agent + Explosive Tools
Branded SwordsmanBerserker + Explosive Tools

Job Craft (1, 2, 3 star) | Table of Contents


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