[Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space] Dailies

By WFS, Inc, Another Eden (AE) is a single player RPG with epic stories crossing the Antiquity, Past, and Future.

As with many games, AE has a list of dailies. AE’s reset is at 3pm UTC. AE’s dailies include the following:

  • Login and watch a commercial to get 20 Chronos Stones
  • Go to ‘Menu’, click the ‘+’ sign to go to the shop, then select ‘Earn 10 Chronos Stones just for watching a commercial’
  • Go to ‘Menu’, click the video icon, then select ‘Watch Video’ to get 5 to 20 Chronos Stones, 1 Green Key, or 1 Red Key at random. There are 5 chances per day.
  • Clear at least 4 Green Keys and Red Keys as 1 Green Key and 1 Red Key is replenished every 6 hours, starting from the reset time 3pm UTC

Chronos Stones is an in-app currency which can be used to encounter allies, purchase additional key cards, and continue certain battles.

If you exceed the maximum number of key cards, you won’t receive anymore. You can hold a maximum of 9 green keys and 5 red keys, so do clear key cards before attempting the dailies.

Do collect rewards from Inbox regularly as items will automatically be deleted 90 days from the date/time received.


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