[Fashion Dream] Event – Chocolate House Answers

Welcome to the Chocolate House advanced orders. Guide for reference.

  1. Mold
  2. Sweetness level
  3. Flavor
  4. Decoration

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I heard that this store’s white chocolate (2. White Chocolate) is very famous, so I’d like to try it. It happens to be Valentine’s Day, so I should try something romantic (1. Heart-Shaped, 3. Rose Petal). The white chocolate looks a bit dull, should I add some colorful decorations (4. Jelly Beans) to it?

I want to gift some chocolates to my shop’s loyal customers. Classic dark chocolate should be more in line with their tastes. But pure dark chocolate will be quite bitter (2. 85% Dark Chocolate), so it’d be best to add some fruity things (3. Strawberry Slice), and also some bows for decoration (4. Fondant Bow). Silhouette: (1. Sphere-Shaped)



Hmm… I should also get William some chocolate. A solemn-looking guy like him would enjoy dark chocolate (2. 85% Dark Chocolate) the most. Add some nuts (3. Crushed Hazelnuts) too, I think his brain needs the energy. He should also be able to see your store logo (4. Chocolate House Logo) on the chocolate. I want this guy to know that I bought him a very famous brand! Silhouette: (1. Heart-Shaped)



I plan to give some of my favorite white chocolate (2. White Chocolate) as a holiday gift to the person I admire. You should add something to the chocolate that symbolizes love (1. Heart-Shaped, 3. Rose Petal). White is a bit too dull, so perhaps you should add some colorful decorations (4. Jelly Beans).

I really need a piece of white chocolate (2. White Chocolate) to replenish the energy I spend at work. My nutritionist also recommended I eat more nuts (3. Crushed Hazelnuts), and please add a few cookies (4. 3D Cookie). I don’t want to feel hungry. Silhouette: (1. Sphere-Shaped)

My friend likes this store very much (4. Chocolate House Logo). I should buy her some chocolate. Milk chocolate (2. Milk Chocolate) is a good choice. I remember that my friend also likes strawberries (3. Strawberry Slice), you should probably add some of those too. Silhouette: (1. Heart-Shaped)


Jack (cousin)

Do you remember the chocolates we made together when we were young? You said that you wanted to shape them like snowballs (1. Sphere-Shaped, 2. White Chocolate). I found some of mom’s leftover flower tea (3. Rose Petal) at home and mixed that in. Dad also gave us some leftover Halloween candy (4. Jelly Beans) to use as decorations. I really miss the flavor of those chocolates.



Sweetheart, I want to send my boyfriend a special box of chocolates. He likes ball games (1. Sphere-Shaped), so the chocolate needs to be pure in color and taste sweet (2. White Chocolate), like love (3. Rose Petal). And I’m sure he’d love it if they were decorated with some cute candies (4. Jelly Beans).



I rarely eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day. But the smell of flowers (3. Rose Petal) in the street combined with this divine frosting is delectable! Who could resist such fattening chocolates? (2. White Chocolate) But please shape them into balls (1. Sphere-Shaped), so they’ll remind me to keep in shape. Silhouette: (4. Fondant Bow)



I want those milk chocolates (2. Milk Chocolate) with pieces of sweet and sour fruit (3. Strawberry Slice). And I want them to be decorated with the most dreamy patterns (4. Fondant Bow). Oh, and it’d be great if they looked romantic (1. Heart-Shaped) too… Don’t look at me like that! These are for my little sister!



I need a “love” shaped chocolate (1. Heart-Shaped) for a beautiful portrait. You have to know that celebrities can’t be seen without a logo (4. Chocolate House Logo). The mellowness of milk and cocoa (2. Milk Chocolate) are just like my charisma, and the nutty flavor (3. Crushed Hazelnuts) seems to be as popular as I am.

The love from my fans is enough for me on Valentine’s Day. On this day, the bitter taste of high-quality chocolate (2. 85% Dark Chocolate) is the best thing I can gift them. Their mouths will be full of romantic flavors (3. Rose Petal), all while enjoying the sight of the chocolate’s exquisite decorations (4. Fondant Bow). This chocolate will make fans feel my love both inside and out (1. Heart-Shaped).



I just received an email with specifications for a chocolate ad. The theme is “Passionate Confession.” Practice making some chocolates in shapes and flavors that fit this theme (1. Heart-Shaped, 3. Rose Petal), and don’t forget this company’s signature product is an extremely sweet milk chocolate (2. Milk Chocolate). It’s also very important to consider how the company’s logo (4. Chocolate House Logo) will be displayed in the ad.


Table of Contents


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